2008 Mercedes E350 will not start

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Hi all,
With the current record breaking cold temperature in NYC, my 2008 Mercedes E350 4matic with 90k miles will not start. The keys turns fine, no engine light comes on, it cranks hank,hank,hank,hank but it will not run. When it is cranking it doesn't have the choking movement as if there is no fuel to cause the combustion. I am no mechanic but suspecting a frozen fuel line but does not know how to test fuel pressure, my question is if it is indeed a frozen fuel line or bad fuel pump, doesn't the OBD engine light will come on and give me a code? If it isn't the fuel line, what else can it be since again there isn't any engine light? BTW, how often should I replace fuel pump anyway? Please help, thanks.Smile


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    I seriously doubt it's frozen fuel. My guess is -fuel pump relay- or -fuel pump-. The cold causes things luke electrical connections to shrink and this can be enough to prevent current from flowing through the circuit. I would search those terms and start there.
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