Mazda Tribute transmission problems

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    Single-disabled Mom needing answers!!!
      I have recently purchased a 2005 Mazda Tribute 2.3 L with only 48,000 original miles. Sounds too good to be true???
      One of my good friends owns a well know towing company where I live as u know they get every possible vehicle. Well the one I bought was fixing to have title in on and I had been contemplating pros n cons because being single mom is very financially hard raising three girls w no child support.
      My decision on buying was mileage but must of all knew prior owner n vehicle history previous owner OWNED s transmission shop in town. The Mazda wax bought for his ex girlfriend. So she wouldn't get it he called mark at towing Serv n signed title for pick up. 
      The vehicle started right up n actually drove. I bought the truck changed a few parts beings it had been sitting up 6 months inside. Along w serve all parts. After fixing vehicle I went to pick up and finally my being stranded days were done since April 2014 when my 2003 new 325 I over heated n head gasket blew. Hassling w eBay for 6 myths of always gettn wrong gasket in I had found this deal I couldn't pass up.
      On way home I noticed transmission was not engaging as shoulda. After invests fully trying to problem solved this I had to have towed to transmission shop n diagnosed and as I figured  expected "SINGLE MOM SYNDROMS" kicked in n figured the worse. Well at least my worse financially. Could be a lot worse for me n my girls but look at those who have a lot worse n never had R don't know what some thing are R even things everyone takes for granted , a vehicle.
      Yes the transmission is gone something in it is failing to let filter work properly no way to fix problem unless it's rebuilt everything comes out for one thing to go in at a hell of a price also try$1800.00 cost my transmission shop is charging to remove rebuild n install upgrade transmission. On top if the $1200.00 paid for Mazda along w $450 maintence n new parts. Now this:(
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