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Aftermarket talk about the 2K2 Si

sigirlsigirl Posts: 13
any one have the short through on it yet?


  • sigirlsigirl Posts: 13
    Yes been there, but that isnt a TRUE short through, the kit is only a bracket. I want the actual shifter, its a much stronger system, putting a strong bracket on a week shifter only weakens all the other variables in the shifting process. and that was the only shifter stuff on ephatch. thanks though for trying to help, if you know of anything else i would appreciate it
  • hamproofhamproof Posts: 241
    where the shift knob sits?? I believe most short shifter kits modify the bracket and linkage (the part where you actually put your hand on). And the bracket is more important than then link.

    I guess I'm not just understand you. Below is a picture of a SS for Audi A4s.


    I don't have a picture of the Si shifter mechanism. I guess the vertical piece is what I call the linkage and bottom flat piece is the bracket. And which one do you want to change?
  • Anybody know anything about cold air intakes for the '02 Si? Available? Performance improvement? Klutz installable?
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