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Buick Centime, a crossover vehicle that features six seats in three rows and is named to celebrate Buick's centennial anniversary.

Not much else YET...


GM's answer to Pacifica?


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    The Answer is:
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    Wow! No PACIFICA , this sounds AWESOME:

    he four-door Centieme seats six passengers in a three-row, dual seat configuration.
    A 3.6-liter, twin-turbocharged V-6 engine - good for 400 horsepower and 400 lbs.-ft. of torque - complements the spirited design. It is mated to a Hydra-Matic 4T65-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transaxle.

    Centieme also features General Motors' Versatrak all-wheel-drive system, advanced traction control that transfers torque from front wheels to rear, and from side to side, to maintain control on various road surfaces. The front end uses a strut configuration, while the rear employs an SLA independent suspension with coils for car-like performance and handling.

    "Centieme is a vehicle that permits you to immerse yourself in its bold, luxurious car-like qualities," said Mack.

    Built by famed Italian design house Bertone, the Centieme rides on 22-inch front and rear aluminum wheels with Michelin tires. The front brakes are six-piston calipers with 15-inch rotors backed up by four-piston calipers with 14.75-inch rotors in the rear.

    The steering wheel, consoles and interior trim feature olive ash burl accents. The cluster gauges have aluminum accents that feature a dazzling engine-turned pattern.
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    Centieme styling is outstanding! (Interior is not so great.) Hope Buick builds it.
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    was at LA auto show....nice 2+2 v6 turbo charged...only complaint is the size of the grill would look beeter as smaller oval..........everyone i know that went to autoshow..said this was best new vehicle---period (in terms of styling etc)....and when was the last time anyone said that about a BUICK?????
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    Now hopefully Buick will not go stupid like Chrysler with Pacifica and will not try to jack up the prices to the breaking point to see how much the yuppies can stand. Then again, I don't really have much faith. Having watched the SUV phenomenon, I now believe that given a chance to diplay blinding, self-defeating greed, any of the big three will jump at it.

    I still think that Ford Freestyle may be the only reasonably priced one of the bunch, but I may be wrong, of course.
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    Centime is a "pure" concept -- a direction that Buick may or may not explore.

    There is no "pricing" as it is NOT headed for production.

    IF (and that is a very big IF) Buick decided to "evolve" the Rendy, AND overhaul/supplant the LeSabre/Electra (another huge decision...) the Centime highlights SOME of the concepts they would try to incorporate.

    Personally, I think the success/failure of Pacifica in making inroads into "tradional sedan buyers" will be the #1 decision factor for Buick/GM.

    If Buick SEES folks (especially those with silver hair & grandkids) choosing Pacifica then a Centime-like vehicle will get the green light. If, however, Pacifica owners better match Rendy owners (moms) then we'll see more Rendy derivatives. Add in the Rainer in to the mix, the Buick-ized Bravada, and the future of Centime looks hazy indeed.

    We can only hope that the RUNNING GEAR finds a home SOMEWHERE in the Buick/GM lineup. With AWD & 400Hp/400Ft/Lbs this think COULD take away a chunk of Cayenne sales!!!
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    I know this thread is about Centime or Centieme,
    Wonder about Buick fans' reactions to Jim Dunne's spy pic of a yellow Le Sabre in the current Popular Mechanics. It is not on their website, although an earlier future Le Sabre (in silver, of course) is, as is a spy pic of the next ('05) Seville.
    And I mention this because the look is similar: low, wide hoods w/ waspy front ends; high, almost ascending rear flanks. It is an odd look to me, somewhat reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver's foes in "Alien".
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    Buick & Caddy stylists have gotten the word that "drama" is whatLutz is looking for.

    Personally I would be happier with somewhat more sedate styling IF there were some EXCITEMENT under the hood...

    Buick is influx, with the doom of Olds on one side of 'em and the "edgy look" of CTS/Escalade/SRX on the other side.

    If one looks at MB/BMW is is clear that the Germans are making efforts to go ever more sport-oriented. I doubt GM will allow Buick to tread on traditional Poncho territory. Doesn't leave Buick much manuerving room.
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    I have not seen that spy pic of the LeSabre, but I hope they don't mess with the styling too much. I think the current one is one of the best looking Buicks in quite some time.

    -Andrew L
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    Those are all really good points. You should check out that picture (yellow one): it IS a departure. Some drama no doubt, in a stark kind of way. I just can't get over the slant of that hood: Similar to CTS's but possibly longer/ wider. It is like it is one plane.
    Odd, too that the Seville is going to RWD, but assume the Le Sabre is staying FWD, and they will look alot alike. Usually this means sharing of a platform.
    Yeah, excitement: when the GTO gets restyled in American mode, will Buick have a variant? You're right about the direction of the make: does it become GM's Lexus or Acura. I see potential for a solid niche, especially w/ the Rocket Division going away.
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    Yeah, the word "evolve" really says it all. Buick is showing the Rendevous Ultra, which 'might' morph into Centieme in a few years. Nissan FX45 with somewhat similar ('bionic cheetah') styling, is here NOW. Dodge Magnum will be here soon.
    My "take" on these three is that there is room for all-- slightly different niches. Yet, Buick is moving so slowly. They've been showing concepts for years: Bengal, LaCrosse, Cielo...!
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    I think this thing is a X5, ML series beater, it Buick built it like a crossover
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    ...bengal?! what a great looking car?! when/if is buick going to get it?
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    The regime that was in place when Buick did the Bengal is ALL gone -- new managers have new priorities.

    The "personal luxury coupe" is not in the near-term/mid-term future for Buick. They need to a) make headway with "luxurious SUVs" and then address "smooth, quiet, long distance cruising sedans". If Buick still exists after that novcaine overdosed, they might get around to making something ATTRACTIVE and POWERFUL...
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    here's my verdict:
    If mommies start buyin more Pacificas, then a Centime with 260 from the high feature 3.6 might make it in a Pacifica like vehicle.
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    jchan2 - and if the new Cadillac SRX takes off....I also see Dodge is following up the Pacifica with their own sporty version of a wagon-cross.... the Centime could fit nicely in between
    a couple of those price points.
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    AutoWeek has a blurb about La Crosse replacing Century & Regal in Buick's lineup. Does anyone know what car this is based on? Same underpinnings as new ('04) Malibu?
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    It will stay on the current W-body platform, though it will be significantly re-engineered. You can read all about it at http://www.cheersandgears.com/faq_buick_lacrosse.aspx.
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    Maybe this post should be about all that is in the chute for Buick cars to come, as the Centime seems kind of hazy in the crystal ball right now. That image of LaCrosse looks like a photo-shop alteration of new GP.
    Curious to see real photos and how the new will blend w/ other Buicks as a family 'look'. I like the new Rainier ads w/ Harley Earl as a ghostly design studio presence.
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    I sure hope that Buick decides to do a Centime like vehicle. I got my first close encounter with a Cadillac SRX today - I was impressed and didn't even get to drive it. My reservation is the price.... to get a nicely equipped one with a V8 & magnaride(even without a moonroof, nav system... you have to get AWD and the price hits well over $50k. Buick could do similar 5 passenger and keep it in the $40k range with all options. I sure like the overall utility and comfort of the car. We do a lot of traveling by auto and the SRX would be ideal.... just can't/am not willing to pay that kind of price.
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    would be another disaster, just like a Pacifica for $41K.
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