2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited - thoughts on this lease deal please...

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I am trying to get the best possible deal on leasing this car. The car I have selected has the customer preferred package 23H, Uconnect 8.4, sunroof and 20 inch wheels. The MSRP is $41,625. Selling price is $38,194.31. MF is .00016, residual is 55%.

I am located in South Florida. So far the best I can get is $1700 out of pocket - $395 including tax - a month for 36 months - 12k miles a month.

I would appreciate any feedback.


  • shmikeshmike Member Posts: 41
    I'm curious to see what others have to say. I'm also considering a JGC and that sounds like a pretty fair deal. Based on the numbers you posted, I don't see how it's possible unless there are incentives you aren't accounting for.

    Based on your numbers, I'm coming up with a pretax payment of $387 which is $410 after taxes. That's assuming the entire $1700 is cap cost reduction and there are no fees at all. Is my math off?

    A few questions for you coconutparrot (feel free to answer privately), since I'm in South Florida too:

    What dealership is this at?

    Definitely 20" wheels? All the Limiteds I've seen had 18" wheels but I'd much prefer 20's.

    If you can hold off about 4 weeks, we can go for a double deal!
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