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Some help with understanding extended warranty?

rednazzzrednazzz Member Posts: 2
edited February 2015 in Dodge
Hello all,

I have moved from the Netherlands to the US last year for my work (Royal Netherlands Airforce working at Edwards AFB California).

When i and my family moved here we bought a Dodge Grand Caravan 2006 from a Ford dealer. They offered us extended warranty for the car (Ford Extracare). Being new to extended warranties and hearing the costs of repairs it sounded like a solid deal.

Now last Monday the transmission broke down. I had the car towed to the Quick Lane (Service station of the Ford dealer). They told me they would take a look at it.

Today they called me stating they don't have the equipment to take a look at the transmission and that i have to take it to a Dodge dealer with the Ford warranty. So i contacted the Dodge dealer on the other side of the road if they could take the car but they refused because it could take 2 to 3 weeks. I think they just didn't want the hassle of the warranty.

So now i have a broke down car sitting at a service station from the dealer, they want me to take it elsewhere and i am kinda out of options... Other dodge dealer is miles away and i dont want to drive a broken car over there and damage more stuff or worse...

The way i see it my problem is that i have a broken car, but i have a service agreement with a dealer. The fact that they cant (want to) fix it and finding someone who can should not be my problem right? Its bad enough that i still dont have a car or a replacement for the time being...

Can i demand that they fix it or find a solution or do i have to take it home and find someone else to fix it myself???
It really feels that they are making their problem my problem. But maybe i am wrong and its just the way things go around here.

Please help a desperate Dutch guy and his family.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Since the dealer isn't being helpful, I think I'd try contacting Ford and see if they will get you to the right department. And then open up a case with them.

    Do you have access to a JAG? Might get some advice there.
  • druss71druss71 Member Posts: 7
    Just bring it to any shop and show the dealer the receipt to compensate you, and why did you buy a dodge from a ford dealer?
  • rednazzzrednazzz Member Posts: 2

    All fixed. Ford dealer redirected me to Transmission shop with approvel of Ford ESP.
    Only had to take care of refund of Rental Car myself.

    So they did handle it like they should after a bit of pressure from my side.
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