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No sound in front speakers

vincent67vincent67 Member Posts: 3
edited February 2015 in Chevrolet
Have you successfully fixed the problem that Cobalts have with intermittent sound from the front speakers?

I have a 2007 Cobalt LS with the stock, basic stereo system (not the Pioneer option). I bought it used with 27K miles, and the sound from the front speakers haven't worked for most of the time I've had the car. They're capable of working though, because a couple of times a year, usually when the weather gets warm, I suddenly get sound from the front speakers for a day or two. Then they'll just stop working again. Although reduced audio quality in the car is part of my complaint, the more important issue is that the directional's sound and the warning chimes come through the front driver-side speaker.

I've looked online and found that problems with the front speakers are very common with Cobalts. Some people say it's caused by water getting into the door panel and speakers. Somebody on another forum said a car audio shop told him that the problem is usually with the head unit. Others are pointing to faulty wiring. I can replace the headunit and speakers, but things could get trickier if the problem is with the wiring (car electronics can quickly get beyond my driveway mechanic skills). Several people who tried fixing it, to include taking it to the dealer, said that the problem soon returned. So before I start buying parts and pulling things apart, I'm hoping somebody has found something more conclusive about this problem than I have.

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