Need Expert Advice from Auto Leasing Professional Regarding Out of town Registration

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I am a newbie and I came here because for last two months I am unable to get a reply from my leasing agent and the dealership. Basically they are asking me to wait and be patient. Beginning of this year I leased a Lexus but I did everything online and since I live in TX, I got the vehicle from Fl from a dealer there. Everything was smooth and transparent until the registration process. I basically paid the dealer my taxes and from where I stay and all formalities were done. I was told the dealer will take care of plates and registration. Its been however 2 months I have not received the TX plates. When I call the dealer in FL they tell me the car was taken from port and wasnt registered in FL first when it was shipped to you. It will be registered in FL and the county in FL will send the paperwork to your TX county office. Is that really the process? I been calling my county tax office they have no vin or paperwork from the dealer.

I need to know what is the process when a car is leased from out of town and how does the registration work. Why is it taking 2 months to do this. I know if I got the car from TX it would take 2 weeks max. Am I being scammed since I already paid the taxes in advance. Anyone who has experience in this sort of deal can chime in. Also i know leasing agents constantly sent cars all over US. There has to be a timeline or process as to how this works?

Please advice...
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