Procedure for engaging transfer case neutral

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My truck has the rotary knob for controlling the transfer case. I followed the owners manual instructions for engaging neutral, but it would not work. A trip to the local Chevy dealer solved the problem......the manual is wrong.

Here is what works:

1. Start the engine.
2. Apply the brakes; it would probably be wise to apply the parking brake, too.
3. Rotate the transfer case knob all the way to the right (clockwise) and hold it.
4. Shift the transmission into neutral.
5. Release the transfer case knob when the red “N” appears on the transfer case knob.
6. The transfer case is now in neutral.

Thanks to a helpful service adviser at Witham Chevrolet in Avon Park, Florida, I now have neutral, and can stop worrying about expensive part replacements!
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