How to stop the play - 2015 Civic SI

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I have a Honda Civic Si - 2015 with Nav (love it), but there is a quirk in the system that just drives me nuts. I've gone through all of the menus on the vehicle and done some research, but I don't know how to stop the problem.

Problem: With the new Civic Si, there is a push button start. When I push the button, the car turns on, the navigation and audio system boots my phone connects via Blue Tooth (all good so far), but as I'm driving down the road, whatever I played on the phone automatically starts playing, even if I unload the application on my iPhone. Normally, this seems like a feature that's kind of cool, but it's real annoying as I've found no way to stop it other than to just wait for it to start playing, load the app on the iPhone and tell it to stop via the iPhone. Even worse, sometimes, after I stop the play, I continue driving and it starts back up again. Anyone have any ideas on how to stop this...Real annoying!!!! Also, of note, there is no such feature as "Pause" play or "Stop" play with any of the audio channels....Not what I would expect from such a nice setup.


  • gcampbel99gcampbel99 Member Posts: 2
    Ha! I found the solution. The audio system has a power button. Such an obvious solution...The power button sort of acts like a pause button for the audio. :-)
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