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Using TrueCar for guidance on car purchase

dckozak1dckozak1 Member Posts: 18
edited March 2015 in General
Just looking for opinions on how good this service was in getting you the best price for your car. Did you get a price less than True Car, and if so, did you use True Car info to help or as a benchmark to beat? Did the dealer honor the price quoted on the True Car website or find ways to convince you not to deal with or accept the terms once you started dealing with them?
My experience was fairly favorable 6 months ago locally with the 2014 Mazda3 I purchased. Got a better price than the dealership was quoting but not as low as the lowest listed by True Car. Overall I thought it was beneficial. Buying again, this time a Subaru Forester, hopefully will be worthy again as the price will be higher.
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