'13 Fiesta New Auto Clutch - MPG Drop

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My mother finally had her clutch replaced around ten days ago. We were seeing around a 2 MPG drop every time they "updated" the software, before they finally caved and did the replacement. Just before replacement it was sitting at 34 MPG and now after the replacement it is 30 MPG. This is down from 39-40 MPG for around 20k miles, before they even started the software updates.

I also tossed in a K&N air filter around the same time we saw the MPG start going down. I have since replaced it with the original filter and have seen no immediate change. Could it have screwed with the computer or O2 censor, etc? Wouldn't they have noticed this? Wouldn't a reset after working on the car have solved the issue if it was the air filter?

They haven't said anything about a "break-in" period for the new clutch. Only thing they said about the MPG issue was that winter gas blends usually mean lower MPG. Something I've never experienced to this extent, if at all.

I recommended this car to her and I feel horrible. I was pushing her to get the manual but she's 65 and didn't want to deal with it. I just feel horrible and helpless.

On the positive side, the new clutch feels great. Yay. Now she's stuck with a subcompact that gets 30 MPG...

Any ideas? I'm about to write to Ford as a last ditch effort. She's just too nice to want to deal with this.
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