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Value-Oriented 2015 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition Headed to Dealerships | Posts: 10,112
edited March 2015 in Volkswagen
imageValue-Oriented 2015 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition Headed to Dealerships |

The value-oriented 2015 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition midsize sedan is on the way to Volkswagen dealerships with a starting price of $24,815.

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  • dnaturaldnatural Posts: 1
    listen, this car is just plain f'ugly, and that's why sales are what they are, and the interior design didn't help out much either. It looks like a household appliance, and an old one at that. way too "me too"and conservative. Its looks like the design department was taking marching orders from the finance department, or they outright hijacked and crippled the design teams creativity: poor choice. Vw makes beautiful cars across the pond (i.e. sicrocco), so why the hell won't they bring and build them here. Its looks like you guys are making a mockery American taste to me: straight up. This is still the world biggest auto market; last I checked. here's an idea, use the design language of the CC, and incorporate it in the Passat. Better yet, hire back Peter Scheyer from Kia, leave him to make the sole design decisions(like VW president), then witness the success. Hey, at least he's got a track record of transformative designs. Hell, he's done it for your sister Audi, so need I say what he's done for Kia: Come'on now!
  • ttdrivettdrive Posts: 12
    True that VW makes great looking car that we don't get in the US and that's a shame. Also, it's a shame that it's so hard to find the sportier VW's that they do offer in the US. I haven't seen a single Golf R on a Chicago area dealer lot so I can't even sit in one let alone test drive, and I am very interested. But, I can't buy what isn't available.

    Now, as far as the Passat, I disagree that it's "fugly". Of course good design is in the eye of the beholder as looks are subjective. In the recent modern era everyday family sedans have become origami in exterior design. There creases on creases on creases with many cut lines such that it's hard to follow the car's shape and flow. Some do look good overall. The Sonata and Optima are quite nice and modern looking. The Accord is bit more staid, and the Camry is trying too hard to be Hyundai or Kia.

    That brings us to the Passat. I like it. It's very German it it's design approach. Some would say "conservative" and in terms of comparative styling I would agree. But, that does not make it ugly in the least. It just makes it an alternative design that is not trying to be "me too". You mention that the Passat is a "me too" car, but in fact it's all the competition that are "me too" as they are all going for that origami multi line and crease look.
    The Passat is much more laid back and simple in it's lines and that holds it's own appeal.

    As for interior the design is great. Simple thus elegant as everything is right where you expect it to be. It's spacious and uncluttered whereas some of it's competitors try to cram way too many stylistic shapes that are not cohesive. My 2013 BMW 335i Msport for example could use a bit more simplicity in terms of dash and dash part design. It has too many cut lines and shapes that look like several people designed their own piece of the dash and the crammed them all together. VW and Audi don't do that. Their interiors are always nicely laid out for ease of use and for appearance, nothing distracts the eye, and frankly shouldn't when the primary function of an automobile is driving.

    Solid "appliances" are not a negative thing. I'd rather something work and have longevity to something overly styled and becomes boring quickly. The Passat starts out more boring and will remain so over time as it's already simple. :)
  • What is so value about this. I bought my 2013 tdi se for $23k .  There is no way I would pay more for a gas model.
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