Fuel Economy Update for February - 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited Long-Term Road Test

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imageFuel Economy Update for February - 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited Long-Term Road Test

A fuel economy update of our long-term 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited for February 2015.

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  • fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    That's pretty good...then again this vehicle has seen a LOT of highway driving.

    The general rule at Edmunds for their LT vehicles' fuel economy:

    Large, comfy vehicles with lots of room for people and cargo = punch above their weight due to lots of highway trips.

    Midrange sedans (Camry, Fusion, Passat, etc.) = just about what they should do mileage-wise - mix of driving types.

    Smaller cars = punch below their weight due to lots of slipping through heavy traffic, commuting, fitting into small parking spaces in LA area, lots of shuttling to and from the airport.

    Pickup trucks = below what they should, due to towing and hauling duty.

    High-performance (Mustang GT, Jag F-Type R Coupe) - lots of burnouts, what'll-she-do, track days, downshifting to third and nailing it when in tunnels - with the expected impact on mpg.

    They try to equalize this out and use them somewhat equally, but nobody is turning hot laps at Streets of Willow in the Highlander, Dan is not taking the MINI up to Oregon to pick up his daughter from college, and the i3 is not pulling a utility trailer carrying a Chevy small-block to be rebored.
  • yellowmiatayellowmiata Member Posts: 23
    +1 to fordson1 I agree that Edmunds has their own formula for how they use their vehicles. Many folks here in Texas *only* have a truck, so that truck sees all types of duty (not just hauling and towing). The same with my car, every now and then I tow a light sailboat with it which drops its mileage. Also, we don't have the blessing of LA traffic, nor do I burn down the tires. It'd be interesting to make folks keep the vehicle for a bit longer than a few days and see what it is like to own a single car rather than a fleet
    Regardless of my quibbles, Edmunds does a pretty darn good job reviewing vehicles. Bias is inherent, but easily read around. And the vicarious experience is... priceless!
  • bassracerxbassracerx Member Posts: 188
    this vehicle looks like an overall better vehicle than the Colarado. i would go for this car over it unless you absolutely HAD to have the truck bed then eh get a beater pickup for when you have to have a bed and still get the cherokee?
  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893

    eh get a beater pickup for when you have to have a bed and still get the cherokee?

    Been to a used lot lately and seen the prices on beater trucks? Downright scary.
  • sviseksvisek Member Posts: 35
    I had a 2002 Silverado 1500 LS Ext. Cab long-bed as an extra vehicle and used it so little it just wasn't worth the frustration and cost of insurance and upkeep. Majority of its use was by friends/family needing to borrow it; I was happy to let them use it as at least it got used. Eventually I realized that it would cost about a tenth as much to just rent a pickup from Home Depot when I need one.
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