2004 Ford F-150

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...was unveiled today at the North American International Auto Show. From the looks of it I like how Ford has returned to an "angular" look and dismissed the rounded bar of soap theme prevalent in the current F-150.


The inside looks well conceived and executed, with various themes coming into play depending on which trim level you select. I really like the interior rail system that allows you to add various overhead compartments.

The top of the line engine has been beefed up to 5.4 liters with a 3 valve per cylinder configuration. Power ouput will be 300 hp.

So...what do you think? Will the new F-150 continue to be the best selling vehicle on the planet? What do you like or dislike about the 2004 F-150?


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    Ford really did their homework on this one. I love the idea of the rear doors on regular cab models (I would kill for that on my Dodge). I really like the styling (Anyone seen the Titan yet? EW) I've never been a Ford truck fan, but I definately think that the new F150 will be the best selling vehicle on the planet for a while to come!

    I think I know what might replace the Dodge!
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    I haven't been able to find out the projected date that the 2004 will be available for purchase. Anybody know? Thanks. I think the engine, chassis, and interior upgrades are right on.
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    According to the Ford website, the 2004 F-150 will be on sale this fall. That could mean anywhere from late September to early December!

    What gets me...Won't all this advance publicity hurt sales of the existing F-150? Unless you really like the current design, I see a lot of people holding off on purchasing a current F-150 until the new ones are available for testing.
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    I like the concept tonka truck from last yr (toby keith video whos your daddy truck).
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    I guess I am the dissenting vote here , I think the exterior styling is derivitive, the engine was one upped a day later by Nissan (DOHC 32 Valve, 10lb-ft more torque), along with other innovations (180 degree articulating hinge rear opening doors, bed side storage compartment). The multiple interiors seem somewhat gimmicky. Speaking of the interior, who designed the console shifter lever?!! Edmund's got it right when they described it as a "joystick", because it looks like one in a whole different context!
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    just got a new supercrew on 1-02-03 - and was talking w/ sales mgr of a small east texas dealership concerning the new model (04) and its availability - according to our conversation - he said to expect it to be available by mid june - from his experience in 96 when ford last changed styles on trucks - and info from corporate that he would not divulge - he's looking forward to selling at or close to msrp for a while - don't know what that means to him - seeing that w/ the rebates and holdbacks the bottom line is still pretty good for the dealer - but they are willing to dicker now - probably even more the closer to release one gets - got 7K + of msrp - i really want to see one up close and personal - not just photos - hope it doesn't give me the willy's like the first avalanche i was in
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    As far as innovations, Ford has a couple that may prove to be popular...the mini rear access doors for the regular cab (way cool IMO), and the modular overhead compartment rail system.

    The Nissan Titan looks too "funky" to me. It may have one upped the Ford in the engine department, but it's packaged in a one size fits all approach (no regular cab versions).

    Besides, being a Steeler fan I would have a hard time driving a "Titan" around Pittsburgh. ;-)
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    a floor shifter? HMM think they caved in to car owners?
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    The floor shifter is optional and only available on certain trim levels. Not so much "caved in to car owners"...more like offering new options to those that are crossing over from a car to a truck.

    That's what I like about the domestic trucks...you literally have dozens of configurations to choose from (cab size, bed size, bed type (Flareside or Styleside), 4x2, 4x4, trim level, bucket seats, bench seats, cloth, leather, vinyl...plus all the available options). You can pretty much build a truck to your specifications.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    build a truck to suit your needs. Its also much easier to order one from the factory from ford,chevy unlike toyota which they want you to buy off the lot
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    Yes, being a Steeler fan and driving around in Pittsburgh in a Titan might be un-healthy. That brings up a thought about some old and new brand/model names:

    Nissan Titan
    Dodge Ram
    Plymouth/Dodge Colt
    Dodge Charger
    AMC Eagle
    Ford Bronco
    Chrysler Patriot (race car)
    Ford Falcon
    Ford "Panther" Platform (Crown Vic/Grand Marquis)
    Pontiac Star Chief
    Dodge Raider
    Buick Bengal (Now I know why they didn't make it!)

    Chrysler seems to owe the NFL the most, GM the least...How about a GMC Steeler?

    Sorry for the off-post ramble...
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    shifter that has piqued my interest in the F150, since the lady wants a pickup in the next year or so...I do not like column shifts worth a flip, and my two cars both have floor shifters, 2000 Sable and 2000 Intrepid...if only they would eliminate the foot pedal parking brake and go back to the hand lever brake (like my Acura and Honda did), I would really be in hog heaven...
  • crosley4crosley4 Member Posts: 295
    It may Ok for the trucks. I prefer a column shifter location. A foot operated brake is for me too.

    I own a 2001 Ford Super Crew truck now, first new Ford I ever bought. it's been a dang good truck, zero problems with it.

    I am interested in seeing the new 2004 F-150 in person. I'd like to give the new 3 valve head on the engines a year or so to how well they work.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    looks like ford is trying to snatch up the car people (floor shifter).

    A truck with a floor shifter??? Thats not right
  • midnight_stangmidnight_stang Member Posts: 862
    Ryanbab "The floor shifter is optional and only available on certain trim levels"
  • crosley4crosley4 Member Posts: 295
    ryanbab said: "looks like ford is trying to snatch up the car people (floor shifter).
    A truck with a floor shifter??? Thats not right"

    Most of the manual trans shifters are on the floor....(-;

    The dimmer switch needs to be on the floor too. But I may just showing my age with that.
  • cowgyrl13cowgyrl13 Member Posts: 16
    I was disappointed to learn that [email protected]#d abandoned the V-6 Baby Stroke for the F-150. Fortunately, they guaranteed that my reputation would remain in tact...
  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    I have to ask. What reputation might that be? And what does it have to do with the baby stroker?
  • aubrey4x4aubrey4x4 Member Posts: 11
    Does anyone know if Ford has any plans to introduce/copy the popular Avalanche-like mid-gate design or quadrasteer equivalent to their truck/SUV lines in the near future?
  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    I hope not. I really think the Avalanche is just a fad. Now, four wheel steering, I can see where that has some merit.
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    Shiny plastic is not my bag. Glad I bought a 2003 model.
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    I think the floor shifter option is a great idea. I used to have an 88 Ford Ranger and it had a floor shifter. It only became a slight problem when you had three people in the cab, other than that I liked thal little T handled shifter.
  • lagonzallagonzal Member Posts: 4
    My first thought when I saw the new F150?

    Aint America great?!
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    Ford had a 2000 SuperDuty with 4wheel steering at a test site about 3 years ago. I know of someone was invited by Ford to drive it and give feedback.

    One reason I opted for the SuperDuty when I bought it is because I very much preferred the exterior look and larger interior space of the SuperDuty over the existing F150's.

    I see that in 2004, the F150 has an exterior look much closer to the SuperDuty and a pretty cool looking interior.. If they had that 4 years ago, I would probably would have given the F150 another look.
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