Axle snapped - '08 CX-9 - extended warranty problem

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We have a 08 CX9 and as I was going thru a drive thru there was a loud bang from the front end. I was going maybe 2mph. Could not go forward or backward. We were told that the ball joint and axle broke and that it would be covered under our extended warranty with Costguard, which we bought from the dealer. However, Costguard denied the claim stating that they don't cover lack of lubricant. The service center told them that the boot had a tear in it and caused the grease to leak out which caused the failure.

Does this make sense? How were we to know it was leaking or didn't have enough grease? I told Costguard I would understand if the oil light came one and we kept driving the van or if the temp. light came on and we kept driving it but we had no way of knowing this had occurred. They said it was nothing we did or could have known but they still won't cover the repair.

We are out $600 and have a $1800 dollar extended warranty that is pretty useless.

Has anyone dealt with Costguard? Would like to fight this but don't know where to start...maybe the BBB.


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    This is what we see quite often when dealing with these aftermarket repair "insurance" companies. Yes some people get assistance on certain repairs, but even then the line item things that the company won't reimburse drive everyone crazy. We don't advise anyone to ever buy one of these policies, they wouldn't be selling them if they couldn't make money by doing so.
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