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2002 Lincoln LS V8 Sometimes Won't Start/Driver Door Won't Unlock/lock

mihas12mihas12 Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Lincoln
I've had this car for a few years and while I've spent enough already fixing its breakdowns I'm currently experiencing some odd stuff. So when I use keyless entry, most of the everything is normal and my car starts. However, in the past few weeks something bizarre happens randomly once or twice. I will use my keyless entry and all my doors EXCEPT my driver door wont lock or unlock. I will enter the car by opening the driver side door from the inside through the other doors. When I get in, I will use the button on the panel and the same thing happens, all doors but the driver door respond. EVERYTIME this happens I will go to start my car and everything seems normal (lights/radio go on and driver settings) but my engine does NOT start. Not a crank or anything. Ill begin to rapidly unlock and lock the doors seeing if something is stuck but nothing happens. Even if I do nothing for about 10-20 minutes my car will randomly start when I try the key and then my driver door will then respond to the keyless entry/panel button. I'm thinking maybe its in an theft mode but no alarm sounds and also to note that when my car acts up the driver door will respond if I actually use the key to unlock it. I'm afraid this will happen when I'm running late to something and will be screwed. Any help will be greatly appreciated I just cant spend too much right now to take it to a dealer.
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