What is this mystery part?

askperryaskperry Member Posts: 21
edited March 2015 in Volvo
I found this rubber block hanging off the edge of the inner lip of my sunroof right after I opened it. Can anyone identify it. It's a single piece rubber block with an antenna like appendage.

Maybe a Sirius/XM antenna? Did you buy the car used?


  • askperryaskperry Member Posts: 21
    Yes, I purchased the car used. I think it's too small and too rubbery to be an antenna, though.
  • larryb1963larryb1963 Member Posts: 26
    its the stopper for the sliding glass . windows might off set when closing causing it to leak ?
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,544
    Yeah, look around the area where the sunroof sits (sunroof open) for a round hole that would fit the tail end of this part. There's probably two of these parts, so find where the matching one goes, it'll give you a big clue where this one goes.
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