I'm sick about my Land Rover Freelander

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Ok, I bought a 2004 Lr Freelander and thought I has gotten a good deal. I paid a little under asking price from a private owner and wasn't driving long before I realized none of my windows worked. I decided I would just go thru the process of getting them fixed because I felt like I had a new used luxury vehicle so if that's all for right now, lets do it. Two days later I realized I was smelling something and asked everyone who rode in the car did they smell it, I was the only one, but my mind wasn't fooling me, I smelt antifreeze. Maybe 3 days later I discovered that the radio sucked, like speaker not hooked up and the previous owners unhooked the back wiper due to whatever problems. My keyless entry began to click click, click whenever I hit and I actually got locked out of it one day while warming my car up and could not get back in with my keyless entry, good thing that day window motors failed. What got me to the forum is the fact that approximately 5 days after my purchase, check engine light came on, and im like enough is enough already. I absolutely love this car but I don't have the $$$ to go thru all these problems listed by all the land rover owners, im scared and don't know what to do. I want to call the people I bought it from and ask them to buy it back, tried to get emission and inspection and it did not pass due to a tie rod issue, got the tie rod but I know it wont pass now with check engine light on, im taking it for diagnostic in the morning but really don't want to do that due to all these same posts. Can anyone send me info on how to contact lawyer guy who represented his wife and won, I am convinced my car is a lemon, they settled out of court. please help me
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