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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • I had my car at the dealer this past week for the sulphur smell. They ran an "exhaust flush" procedure (twice) which is supposed to clean it out. So far, so good, but I'll have to give it more time to be sure. Next step is to replace the cat. converter, but Mazda says it must have 10k miles first.
  • hursthurst Posts: 1
    Is anybody else experiencing corrosion on their Mazda 6 alloys??

    I have a UK Mazda 6, and am about to get my third set of alloys fitted under warranty - they just keep corroding!

    They last 8 months MAX, before starting to show signs of corrosion - bubbling starting on the edges.

    I keep them clean, free of brake dust etc etc, but nothing seems to stop it.


    Dealer is excellent, and they just replace the lot at the first sign of corrosion, but my worry is - what happens at the end of the 36 month warranty?? - I'll get them replaced just before the end, and then I have 8 months before they start going again, and I have to pay for any new wheels from that point!


    Reading other discussion forums, it appears that a lot of people with Toyota's are having the same problem - is this a common problem I wonder??
  • ebeneben Posts: 26
    I can't state precise location (don't have manual with me) but I recall seeing a section in the OM about turning off the button tones.
  • Does anyone know the correct tightening torque for the oil pan nut on the 3.0 V6 engine?
  • dv8erdv8er Posts: 8
    alkuo414 -

    FYI- The vehicle was making the sound when I brought it in last time, however a tech was not avaiable to hear the sound. The desk service guy was the only one who heard it. I am intruiged now that someone like you, who has a automatic and v6 rather than a 4cyl manual, is also having this problem.

    My trouble ticket/service has been left open indefinitely with the dealership and Mazda. The best words of advice I can give you is to go to the dealership when it's making the noise and insist on letting a tech hear it.

    Interestingly enough, it has not made the noise since. The only factor I can possibly link it to is outside temperature being less than 20F.

    I'll keep you posted if I find out anything.
  • I have a uk mazda 6 estate and I am about to get my 3rd set of alloys. My car is 19 mths old. when 1st set was relaced the dealer took photos of each alloy and a few days later a new set was put on. 2 days ago I returned to the dealer with same problem. they did'nt look at the wheels, they just ordered a new set, so it looks like they have a problem.
  • hey escortowner, i wanted to know if you could give me the website where u can get the indash kits for the 6. i havent been able to look online that much and it'll help me out. thanks
  • I keep my radio on now because of this problem. Before 5k miles I had my 5 speed blow part of the clutch through the case and out the bellhousing. After they dropped the cradle to replace the tranny, it was never the same. I hear all these front end noises including the one you mentioned. When I make sharp turns or hit an incline like a driveway I hear a "pop" or "thunk" sound coming from the passenger side. Then when going over bumps, I hear a sound similar to a loose sway bar bouncing around from the middle of the car right below the dash. And now as of yesterday my 6 cd changer wont work. I hit load to load a cd and it locked up.
  • kmcgkmcg Posts: 14
    I had this problem with my 2003 MPV for the first year I owned it, so I asked about it when I talked to a dealer earlier this week about perhaps buying a MZ6 wagon. He acknowledged he had seen it on the 6's, and gave the standard "break it in" solution.

    When I had the problem, I changed gasoline brands many times, kept copious notes of the results, and eventually had some sort of supposed cure performed at the dealer. Nothing helped, and it was really getting worse, not better. (My kids hated being in the car - yikes!) I made a point of complaining about it every time I went in to the dealer for an oil change or small recall item.

    Finally, the dealer got permission to replace the catalytic converter. They were very nice about it, but I did have to jump through a lot of hoops. The new cat solved the problem.

    Even without the sulphur smell, I still suspect there's a design flaw with MPVs that makes the car suck in exhaust from other cars more than normal. Has anybody had that kind of problem with their MZ6? I really like my MPV now, overall. I want to love the 6, but I'm not sure I want to go through this again!
  • Go out and buy the 6! Chances are that the sulfur smell will NOT be an issue. Granted, problems arise with all cars, it's a chance we take no matter what we buy. The sulfur smell isn't affecting my car, and I've had it for over 6 months and 8000 miles.

    As far as the "design flaw" with the 6, I've never had problems with exhaust from other cars (except from diesel trucks and buses, but it's not a common occurence, and it's hard to avoid that diesel smell anyway).
  • I have been hearing a whistling sound intermittently from the front of my MZ6 wagon. The whistle is in sync with the engine rev. initially it’s a broken whistle and it gets continuous as the car speeds up. The whistle stops when I apply the brakes and comes on as soon as I lift my leg off the brakes. This sound does not occur every time I start and drive, but once it starts whistling, goes on until the car is stopped. The sound is loud enough to hear even with the radio on low volume.

    I have got an appointment tomorrow morning, not sure if it will happen when I take the car there. Bought the car last December and have already been to the servicing for 4 different minor problems.

    I enjoy driving this car but every couple of week’s new problem comes up. Cannot afford to get to rid of it either, will have to just live with it.

    Has anyone come across such a problem before?
  • I could reproduce the whistle sound this morning and the service technician told me that there is a TSB on this problem. I am told there is a mismatch in the hardware used for the rotors and brake pads. He says some 6's have this problem and some don't. They are going to fix it, have got a replacement car for the day.
  • kmcg - thanks for the post. I'm experiencing the problem again, two weeks after the "mystery procedure" to fix it. At least this time the dealer actually tried something. I'm going to push on them for the cat converter replacement, prior to the 10k mile requirement. As for buying a 6-wagon, I would go for it. The sulphur issue appears to be uncommon. I don't think you'll find a better buy in the wagon segment. If you're going sedan, I would reconsider the Accord, but it IS less fun to drive.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I'll also cast my vote for the Mazda- my 6S has about 5K miles- no sulpher, no brake moan, no problems whatsoever. It's a hatch and tight as a drum so far. I had a '03 Accord, it was nice and got better mileage BUT- I'd much rather drive the M6! I rode in a Mercedes S500 the other day and was supprised to find it had a rattle near the passenger door! And THAT's an $85,000 car. Buy the Mazda- for the buck, you can't go wrong.
  • Hi. I'm in the purchase of a mazda 6 and I test drove one the other day with a similar metallic, clicking/ticking noise from the upper right portion of the engine. Do you have an update on what happened to your car? any solutions? did the noise get worse? Please help me because this may break or make my decision to buy this car. Thanks!
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  • Whats your guys impression of Kendall synthetic oil? A garage here is offering 5 quarts of Kendall 5W30 synthetic oil and a tire rotation for 13.95. My guess is that this is too good to be true. If you have used or know about it, could you please let me know what you think?
  • mjvchicagomjvchicago Posts: 149
    Hi Jadis. The ticking noise I had was simply due low oil. I had tried to go the suggested 5000 mile interval between oil changes, but I think I'm more demanding on my care than that allows. So after I took it in for a look at the dealer, they said I was low on oil. They changed my oil and it has been absolutely fine ever since.

    If you were hearing the same thing during the test drive, it could be that the car was low on oil. Don't let it detract you. This is a great car and I still LOVE getting into it every morning.
  • dfworddfword Posts: 1
    Early in December, I bought a 04 6s, AT, sport and leather pkgs. Paid only 19,500. X-Plan less rebates, I really got a great deal. I have put 3700 miles on it, and have not noticed any of the problems that have plagued other folks; but then again, I traded a 2000 Beetle for this (a total POS uber-lemon). Anyway, the build date on my car is 8/10/04, and was wondering if all of the TSBs would have been taken care of at the factory (maybe a dumb question). Also, when I take it in for it's first service at 5K, will the dealer check for TSBs without me asking? Love the car, my only complaint so far is crappy gas mileage, and I wish that the sheet metal grade was a bit better.
  • Sulphur smell-I get the smell when the auto climate control is turned off. Thus, I leave the ACC turned on all the time !!

    The ACC works great for me - I set the temp between 68 - 74, depending on how I feel.

    I live in Boston where the temperature varies greatly... between 0 and 100 degrees. Although usually between 20-80 depending on the season.

    My only complaint with the base Mazda 6s is that the radio needs an upgrade.
  • likaglovlikaglov Posts: 82
    Bullseye - do you mean the vents are off completely or do you mean ACC vs. Manual control? I have to shut off completely to not get the smell in the cabin. This will not work once it starts heating up here in NC.
  • No the vents are open. The climate control is set to AUTO and I set the temp to approximately 71 degrees.

    FYI: I shut off the AUTO today and did not notice a smell.

    I have been driving with AUTO on from the very beginning because I noticed the smell anytime AUTO wasn't on.

    However, maybe the stuff on the engine burnt off (another poster mentioned this as a possible reason for the smell). The car has 18,000 miles. I have owned it for 15 months.

    PS I love the car !!!! I had the opportunity to drive an Infiniti G35 all last week. When I started driving my Mazda 6s again, I liked it more than the Infiniti ! I like how the Mazda feels lighter. The G35 feels much heavier. Admittedly, the Infiniti has WAY more power !
  • gabogabo Posts: 2
    Yup, my Maz6 8000 miles is having the clutch shudder everybody is describing. Now it sures makes sense it started happening on a rainy day and then it disappeared. I took to the dealer today and ohh surprise they couldnt duplicate the problem, so nothing was done. Im glad I didnt leave it overnight as they advisor suggested. If I would have I knew it was not going to do it tomorrow morning because its going to be a very dry and warm day here in arizona. I suppose im going to have to wait for a humid morning to take it in.
    If the problem of clutch shudder is widespread they should have a solution in place by now, I dont understand why they have to replicate the problem. Id like to know whats the best way to influence them into actually replacing whatever is broken. any ideas? write a letter?
  • gabogabo Posts: 2
    yeah Id like to know more about the fan motor recall letter
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    Moisture does seem to affect the brakes and clutches on these cars. My 626 had a bit of clutch shudder which was most noticeable on cool damp mornings, but it wasn't very severe, happened infrequently, and completely went away after the first few shifts. The clutch in my wagon doesn't shudder, but it definitely isn't quite the same on damp mornings.

    How bad is your clutch shuddering, and how frequently? Does it affect it's operation severely, or just not feel right? You may want to think twice about having a dealer disassembling major components in your vehicle if the issue is really not much more than an annoyance.

    I concede that Mazda does not appear to have the best clutches out there. I'm not experiencing any clutch shudder in my wagon 3K miles, but even if I do, I'll probably just live with it as long as I can get the car launched without the entire vehicle shaking.

    Just my two cents, good luck if you decide to pursue clutch replacement.
  • richie2richie2 Posts: 2
    no joke, i used to back my '47 ford to a telephone pole in the neighbor hood and slowly ease the clutch out about a quarter way. shudder gone. cleans the haze off. any old fossils out there remember that ?
  • uconnvinuconnvin Posts: 2
    I was surfing the net in hopes that I'd find other people with problems similar to mine-I have an 03 MT 6s that I just took to the dealer with near 19,000 miles on it-and they are telling me the clutch has gone-please let me know how this issue was resolved for you-they are of course blaming me for the problem-even though i don't ride the clutch, drive mostly highway miles and know how to drive MT cars-
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I hadn't heard about a fan motor recall- do you have any specific details? Mine is a little noisy too.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    Interesting technique!
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    There's another Mazda6 forum which I can't reference here where several people have described a similar situation to yours. Just search on Google with a couple relevant keywords and you should find it.

    I seem to recall reading about some who had the issue fixed at no cost, some having to pay part of the cost, and some having to foot the entire bill for clutch replacement. Probably depends on who runs your dealer's service department.
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