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Traveling to NM unfortunately landed a flat tire. Back home to fix it revealed that a wheel was bent. Was curious if anyone has seen one of these types of wheels before. I've scoured the internet and browsed for the last 3 hours and even tried google similar matches without any luck. If anyone could help find out what kinds of wheels these are, would be much appreciated.

At discount tire, I heard them say something about Cadillac rims?


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    I can recall seeing those wheels on some large vehicle. I will ask my neighbor who has an Escalade when I catch him home.

    But I can suggest four things to do. first, try going to a trendy Cadillac dealer and ask the parts guys to look at your picture on your phone and see if they know the wheel. I tried looking it up on a recycling auto part site but so many of the Escalade wheel pictures were generic, so I couldn't try to identify it. I think it may be a dealer installed option where there weren't many put out because of cost.

    Second, go to a recycling auto yard (junkyard) where it's got someone at the desk who's been around a few years. Ask if he recognizes the wheel. This is probably your best bet, because that may be where you'll
    pick up a good used one.

    Third, go to one of the many hole-in-the-wall shops selling trendy wheels to the trendy urban large SUV folks who fix up their cars with all kinds of neat gadgets and all those fancy wheels. The stores here put wheels out in front everyday to catch the eye of those going by. They will likely know, because those are nice wheels.

    Last, if someone IDs the years and vehicle for the wheel for you, look on for their wheels that have been remanufactured by Keystone. lists by vehicle, model, and year and look under "Wheels." You can get a wheel that has been cleaned, straightened, rechromed professionally for a moderate price. Note they also sell replica wheels for certain cars, but I bought remanufactured only. I've done two on rockauto; sometimes the wheel is out of stock at the various places that sell the parts to them, so if not an emergency replacement, check their listings for a few weeks to see if one of their cooperating stores gets it back in stock.

    OR once you know the year and model, you can do a search on It will let you look at pictures of wheels the recycling yards are listing for sale and then you can search the yards who have the wheel listed along with faults on that part, if any. The list can be sorted by distance from your zip code. You
    might find a wrecking yard or pull-it-yourself yard close to go pick up the wheel.

    Good luck, and if my neighbor knows any more about the wheel, I'll give you the information.

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