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GM Cuts Powertrain Warranty, Maintenance Program on Some 2016 Vehicles | Edmunds.com

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imageGM Cuts Powertrain Warranty, Maintenance Program on Some 2016 Vehicles | Edmunds.com

Car shoppers scouting 2016 vehicles should be aware that General Motors is cutting the mileage limit of its powertrain warranty on Chevrolet and GMC vehicles from 100,000 miles to 60,000 miles.

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    csubowtiecsubowtie Member Posts: 143
    Time and again, GM brass stabs at the heart of the people who love it. GM has some of the most loyal, and frankly most in sheer numbers, enthusiast followers. They have arguably the best parts bin available for enthusiasts. They have the engineering skills to build some of the best enthusiast cars on the planet. Yet they continue to cater to the average Toyota Corolla driver. Somebody who wants their car to be anything but, and to be bothered with that pesky task of driving as little as possible. God help GM if they ever kill the small block. It's as if GM waits until some car guy drags his wife to a dealership, then they grab said wife and put her in the focus groups. Hey GM, I want a Silverado for the available 6.2 liter, not the 4G hotspot. And I really couldn't care if I can download a song from Pandora in my (dreams) Z06.
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    reminderreminder Member Posts: 383
    That's a show of weakness and lack of confidence in your product. Hyundai has done the 10/100,000 since the start. How would it look on their end if they backed off on that coverage?
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    rysterryster Member Posts: 571
    GM reduces the number of covered visits for the "free maintenance" and also reduces the powertrain coverage. This seems to indicate they know they would be seeing more claims as a result of the reduced maintenance. Most owners are not going to pay for maintenance during the first two years if they don't have to. They will do their 2 visits per year and that is it. This is GM cost cutting again, which doesn't bode well for GM's future. When I had my Chevy several years ago around the time of the bailout, getting warranty service became a gamble as to whether or not GM would approve repairs. Service quality and parts availability really became sketchy.

    Hyundai didn't start the 10yr/100K warranty until 1999 (13 years after they started selling cars in the US.) Hyundai's warranty isn't all that much better regardless of what their marketing says. Sure they have a 5yr/60K bumper-to-bumper and a 10yr/100K powertrain, but they fail to advertise that the battery is covered for 3yrs, paint is covered for 3yrs/36K, radio/navigation is 3yr/36K, belts, hoses, etc are 1yr/12K. A/C refrigerant is 1yr/12K. They do not offer any free maintenance. If you end up with an engine or transmission problem, Hyundai will want complete detailed maintenance history of the vehicle before even considering a warranty claim. If you do your own oil changes and routine maintenance, good luck getting warranty coverage if you have a failure. Dealers relentlessly try to upsell you when you go in for oil changes.
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