Lost Power - '14 Tuscon

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A couple weeks ago we were driving through southern West Virginia through freezing rain then Blizzard conditions. Toward the southern end of our drive, our 2014 Tuscon starting loosing power. I had it floored and it would barely make it up the hills at 35 MPH. We got a few miles into Virginia with no improvement so I had my wife call Hyundai road side assistance for a wrecker. We luckily made it to a Travel Center by then. I tried power braking and it was missing like a couple spark plug wires were unplugged. The travel assistance got back with us and said that a state of emergency had been declared in our areas and that all wreckers were tied up with wrecks. So I shut our Tucson off for about an hour or so. Upon restarting, it ran fine the rest of the way to Florida and back. Any suggestions on what happened? Could something have frozen up? Water in the gas coincidentally at the same time? Design error in the air intake that let the heavy snow in? I haven't taken it to a dealer yet to see if anything registered in the computer.


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    Im sure if that storm was that bad something got wet . it most likely dried from the heat of the motor and the computer reset from restarting the motor . maybe one of the motor splash guards are missing or hanging loose like the one covering the oil filter ?
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