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I have a 98 EB Ford Explorer. Last Saturday in the evening(dark) I shut it off and the headlights went out. I thought this was strange as they usually stay on and go off a few minutes later. I didn't think much of it then. Then Tuesday night as I was driving home, all my lights went out , inside the vehicle and out, it was scary, Total black out. I grabbed the column for the bright lights and they came on as long as I kept it pulled, but if I let go I had nothing...no lights anywhere. Driving several miles this way the lights inside (dash, steering wheel, etc. flashed on and off a couple times, but still no lights unless I was holding the brights on with my hand. As I came up to a stop sign to turn, all the lights came back on, and I could let go of the bright light column, I had a couple miles to go yet to get home and they stayed on all the way home. Turned the vehicle off and the head lights went out immediately. I have a band new battery and alternator....so what can be the problem here? This is scary and I'm afraid to drive at night, (I'm a woman), in case the lights go out again. Thanks.


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    sounds like the wiring harness to the alternator could just not be plugged in all the way ? or the new alternator is defective assuming its a rebuild from parts store .
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