Bad Gas Lingering Issue

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2011 GMC Yukon 4WD 8 Cyl

A few weeks ago following a significant snow in the DFW area I got some bad gas. Not sure if it was just water, or "trash", or a mixture of both. Light came on, and the code indicated "bad gas" or something to that effect.

Treated the next few fill ups with fuel treatment. But the truck still starts kind of rough when cold. Otherwise it runs and idles smooth and there seems to be no ill effects.

My question is can bad fuel permanently damage either of ..

The Fuel pump?
The Injection System?
Spark Plugs?

Also, where is the fuel filter, and how much of an issue is it to get that changed? The truck has 145k highway miles and has been a great vehicle for me. Thanks.


  • machetepandamachetepanda Member Posts: 3
    Fuel pump shouldn't feel the pain of bad gas too bad. Injectors and Spark plugs would probably fee lit most.

    Bad fuel doesnt burn off as easy so it can coat around your spark plugs reducing the spark and thus reducing the combustion efficiency which leads to bad horse power.

    Some bad fuel can clog up the injectors and that would be really bad cause those babies are not cheap.

    You're fuel filter is inside the fuel pump which sits in the fuel tank. With your truck at 145k highway miles it might be time to change the pump anyway. Highway miles turns wet salt roads into a salt misting machine all over the underbelly of your car. There is no air circulation around the top of the tank(where the top of your fuel pump is located) so it basically just stays salty wet there and its hard to get the chassis spray up in there at the car wash.

    Good luck.
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