Memory seats in Avalon Limited

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Does anyone know whether the memory seat function remembers the back position (angle)? Or does it just remember the height and forward/backward position of the seat? The back angle position is not remembered in my 2014 Avalon Limited but I am not sure whether I should report this as a problem or whether that is just the design. Thanks for any help.


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    I have a 2015 Avalon XLS with all the goodies and it does have a little harsher road noise coming off the bumps than my 2007 Avalon. I remember my 07 Avalon being bumpy when new but than it softened up a bit after everything broke in. It had a little bit of a float problem at high speeds. Yes my 2015 feels the bumps a liittle harsher with the low profile tires right now that its new but the plus side of the ride is that it handles real tight around corners and no floating problem at all and I really haven't run it hard yet because it has little milage on the speedo. I am very happy with this car It was very well thought out by the Toyota engineers. There are always some trade offs when you design a car. Remember Avalon was the most popular car with old guys like me and they like it soft.I loved the Avalon because it has the most impressive 268 Hp V6 on the market with great tourqe and smoothnes and they were wise not to mess with it. my wife would have liked the deep foward folding front door storage bins. The new Avalon's are ridgid and not as deep but that is a little bit of nit picking. She still loves the car.
  • geronimo999geronimo999 Member Posts: 2
    Does Anyone Know What Company designed the Navagation System in the 2015 Avalon?
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