A/C Recharge Puzzle?

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Cadillac DeVille 1995 when Activate Climat the Driver Information Po-up msg: A/C Very Low Coolant! A/C Motor Shoot Off!

I have all hook-ups ready to add the Freon and start Recharge but the Motor still are Off and no ability to Recharge!

All electrical fuses etc check in workin state and no any problems report.

Temperature set on lovest 60'F, blowers to Max High but, the A/C Motor still Turn Off and no ability to add the Freon and start Recharge the A/C.

The same story when set the Klimat to 90'F the Information Alert that Very Low Coolant Level and A/C Motor shoot down Off!

Wonder how to force the a/c motor to turn on!

Any tips and sugestions are appreciate!

This are the first Puzzle I have with attempt to Recharge Cadillac havin runs with A/C Electric Motor!

I works for years with many other models having all prof tools and Freons with the Magnetic Clach and never havin such problems ever.

I ask Auto-Zone and more other shop guys and nobody got any idea how to works with..seem GM should gave some tips to avoid or gave direction but all are I belive are mention in the "Biblie I call' the Manual Service $500 or more to reach the secrecy with the A/C in this Cadillac DeVille and sisters models.


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    Try clearing the codes in the AC control head. If they reset right away then there is an electrical or sensor issue preventing AC operation and you might make it worse by trying to add refrigerant when you really haven't proven that it is undercharged yet.
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    Well.. finally start working with the Batterys Minus Plug disconnects for a minut or so and then since the Motor On then quick giving charge and hear the on-off pompin and arrows jump up/down and after about 5 minuts the sensors cut-off the motor OFF again.

    Trying with battery cable for about 5 times.. hardly trying to get the calls Off and finish the recharge but it will takes a while.

    Now I'm using two plugs with 2x cans with included Oil and one can with the red die to try remarks If any leaks on seals to shows.

    So far no any leaks and still the total pressure in A/C shows low in the middle for few seconds and going downs to build again new pressure.

    Seemse it will takes for a while and I feels this works but very slow in short limited times..

    Still guess how many can(s) I will need to achive stable measurements to read.

    This play with the Battery disconnection seems are the only way to temporary Erase the Errors betwen the Low and High Pressure with the 3x sensors build-in line or it may there other more trick to do that too.

    Any other more tips or Ideas inregards A/C recharge.. are deeply appreciate!

    Still tryin to locate all other sensors as the User Book do not even mentions about.. and this Cadi are my first I ever touch but now trying to learn about.
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    The best approach on this is of course is with a professional level scan tool combined with a proper manifold gage set. But there is an alternate routine that if you get a service manual and follow you can use the buttons on the AC control head to access live data, and even clear codes instead of disconnecting the battery each time. Start off by pushing the off and warmer buttons simultaneously and hold them until the display changes. You will then see one of the displays flash digital codes like E41 or F42 (examples of codes, not codes to look for) Then the system will do something like ECM? If you push the "high" that is a "YES", if you push "you do need "low" that is "NO". In this manner you can select the system you want to work with and do everything that you need to. But you do need service information to lead you through this since the details are way to involved to type out here.
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    thecardoc3 - thanks for the guide!
    Will try and seems will go well with the tricky turns :smile: )
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