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Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 transmission question

dansmith92dansmith92 Posts: 2
edited March 2015 in Dodge
 Ok so I need some help please. I have an 01 dodge ram 2500 I bought it off a guy and he said reverse was gone. He said the tranny lines were bad so he had a local tranny shop but new lines on it. He said he picked it up and on his way home he heard a loud noise. And that he pulled over and thought it was the transfer case. Thats all fine he said it  didnt have reverse. I drove the truck probably 25-30 miles home. I was driving with cruise on 65 went up a little hill, it downshifted and up shifted fine the first time. Then it started to make noise while shifting and the overdrive light wouldnt come on anymore. so I shut cuise off and drove the rest of the way home fine just hearing minor howling sound. I got ready to get off my exit and it acted like it wanted to stallout I got ready to turn on to the main road I live on it made a grinding sou d and then slammed into gear. I got home which was like 2.5 miles from the exit. I let it sit and cool down for about fifteen minutes and now I have reverse. I havent tried to diagnose it yet or anything.  I was gonna start with a fluid and filler chang first but some people tell me it could be the overdrive lock ring.  Or a broken spring behind one of the servos.  Or even bad sensors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I just don't feel like spending money on a rebuild if I didn't have to. thanks.
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