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2003 2.3 liter 5 speed zx5, I was washing the car and placed the garden hose at the driver side at the base of the windshield where water goes and then drains. I drove the car and it began to miss, not like one cylinder but all of them and it would be very quick then stop. After a day or so it went away. I then got the car state side ( 4 months later) and it did it a couple of times. I then drove it through 8 inches of water and about 10 minutes down the road a coil pack went out, I replaced it and the miss was the same. Then my wife went through a puddle and now it happens when ever the car gets warm. About the miss, it really only happens when the accelerator is depressed to cruising or slight acceleration no matter what gear. When it is below 0 degrees F It won't really happen bad or until it's been driven for at least 50 min. When it misses the whole motor shutters, it's a complete loss of engine but not electrical power, and when it does it, it is very sudden and happens multiple times in quick succession then the motors comes back. I've cleaned the mass air flow which was covered in dust, I cleaned the cam sensor, I cleaned the tps and throttle body to no avail.
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