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2001 Jetta engine problems (NEED HELP PLEASE)

jdurk799jdurk799 Member Posts: 1
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(Thank you)

I am a senior at college and I finally brought my 2001 Jetta Volkswagen to school so I could use it for classes on the days its too cold and getting to and from work. Unfortunately, it had to be towed because the hood started smoking, it made a bunch of weird noises, and once I turned it off, it wouldn’t turn back on. The tow guy told me its not starting because the coolant liquid was leaking due to a part of it having a hole in it. He showed me where one of the tubes had snapped off. After my dad talked to some mechanics and showed them pictures, he purchased the new part for it and gave it to me while I was home. After returning to school, I used pliers to reattach every part and clamped them tight.

Side note: I don’t know if this has to do with anything, but while clamping everything back together, the tube that is connected to the vacuum ventilator (I don’t know if that’s the exact name for it) fell off. I reattached it but noticed there is a crack NOT on the tube itself, but on the large rectangular looking thing or what it attaches to. It’s toward the top right of the engine (I wish I knew what it was called). I zip wired both ends of the tube so it wouldn’t fall off. I really have no idea if that is a factor on why my car isn’t starting. Also, I couldn’t feel any vacuum or air at the ends while a friend tried to start the car again.

Anyways, after the new part was replaced and everything was installed right, I filled the coolant container to the max line with new antifreeze. I then replaced the broken dipstick tube and filled it with oil. Upon checking the dipstick and seeing the oil line stop in between the checkered indent part, I assumed the oil level was fine. I tried starting the car and yet again it wouldn’t start. The noise at first sounded normal while turning but then it rumbled and didn’t sound too safe. So I thought it may be possible that the battery died because I remembered a couple instances where I was sitting in the car because it was too cold with the internal lights on as well as the car being out in the cold without starting it for a week. I jumped the car for 45 minutes (everything was clamped correctly). And still, it did not start.

I want to try everything possible before I use my insurance company card to have it towed and taken to a shop to get a diagnostic and fixed. I don’t have a lot of money so I would be grateful if there’s a simple solution by purchasing a cheaper part or any part that will help so I can replace it and start it. Any suggestions, things I should check, just any advice will be appreciated.


  • johanna99johanna99 Member Posts: 3
    I'm new to the forum- you posted this in March- sure hope you have it figured out by now. I had an '01 TDI and it was the best- now engine trouble ever- just sat too low to the ground. Curious to know you made out.
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