2015 Highlander Steering vibration

lucleblucleb Member Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Toyota
During very smooth acceleration at any speed, steering vibration is felt which seems to come from bad engine support absorbers. Dealer said this is normal due to powerfull V6 engine. Also hear disturbing exhaust sound when accelerating. Wonder if these conditions are related to sterring vibration? Any owners having same issues?


  • emmaegbumokeiemmaegbumokei Member Posts: 1
    I have this anoying humming noise\sound from the rear of the my 2005 toyota highlander 2.4 l especially anytime i make a turn and accelerate. The noise is a humming sound of probably something vibrating at the rear of the car. I have visited several mechanics but none could detect the source of the sound. Any one with similar issues?
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