Lincoln LS overheating issue

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Okay about a month ago I bought a 2002 Lincoln ls with 135k miles for roughly 4thousand dollars. Since day one I've had nothing but issues with it started over heating .first had to replace thermostat then the thermostat housing was warped so had to do repairs on it . next the coolant tank had a crack in it so I bought some plastic weld that was good with high temp to fix the small crack . well everything was working fine (besides having to buy a new battery and the terminals as well ) I was driving then I heard a weird noise coming from my serpatine belt and then all of a sudden the car started smoking from the engine while I was driving ..had to go a little further to get somewhere safe to pull over ..then soon as I get there the car turns off ... I pop the hood with a face full of white smoke to notice the belt broke ...looks like it was burned from being to hot more then ripped.. Well I had to be towed home where I replaced the belt .. While replacing I notices the hyrdrolic fan pump pulley was kind of hard to spin and would kinda resist spinning compared to the other ones ...I'm thinking just needed a new pulley.. But when I started the car it was still smoking !! I don't know what the issue could be ..plz help


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    Have someone build you a ideal pulley system to specs of the hyd. fan pump take pump off replace with pulley system and install an electric fan on it. Took me about a hour to hook every thing up. My fan pump when out and I used the hyd. fan pump as Ideal pully system just bypassed the fan hyd. motor and put elec. fan on it. Hooked the wires to a spot in elec. box that powers up when key is turned on.
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    Firefighter do u have a diagram of exactly how its done r where I can find one step by step
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    Replace fan with electric fan replace reservoir could be cracked, replace thermostat or completely remove, byepass hydraulic fan pump with smaller belt or run hose from intake to outlet on fan pump to keep it from locking up and burning belt off! If all else fails car is still over heating grab a bottle of blue devil this stuff works magic and I thought I was going to have to replace the head gasket but it saved my car! 
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    I replaced my hydraulic fan with a Flex-A-Lite 180 electric fan a few months back and I looped the hydraulic lines to the fan pump. This worked good for awhile but my fan pump began to whine a little. I searched this site for info on belt sizes for people who want to remove the fan pump and run a shorter belt. Alot of people asked this question and a clear answer was never posted. So here it is...a 13/16" x 100 5/8" belt with 6 ribs will fit. 
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    Thanks firefighter n lovemylincoln I'm going to see if I can find someone willing no one likes to work on them 
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