A Slightly Less Distinctive But Very Straightforward Control Layout - 2015 Hyundai Sonata Long-Term

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imageA Slightly Less Distinctive But Very Straightforward Control Layout - 2015 Hyundai Sonata Long-Term Road Test

The interior control layout in our long-term 2015 Hyundai Sonata is less distinctive than the setup in the previous Sonata, but its functionality and simplicity are undeniable.

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    Most of those buttons are too small, too close together, and too similarly shaped. I'd also like to see a knob for fan speed. It reminds me of why I didn't like the Honda Accord when I test drove it. Good luck hitting the right button without looking. The 2011 was better, although the lack of a big LCD in the above photo gives them more room for larger/better differentiated buttons.

    This is one reason why, aesthetic issues aside, I like the tablet-on-the-dash as in the new Mazda3 and Mercedes CLA. It gives them more room down below for buttons and knobs, plus it keeps the screen in your line of sight.
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    @barich1 You clearly don't own the car and/or haven't driven it significantly. The buttons are not at all too small or too close together. Hitting the button you want is never a problem. As an owner, I do agree that they are too similarly shaped and it can take a moment to find certain ones. Oddly, the fan buttons are not a problem. Maybe because they're right in the middle, or maybe because I use them often enough, but they're easy to find. The defroster buttons still take me a moment to differentiate.

    The row of identical buttons just below the clock looks like a usability nightmare and I was worried about that when I bought the car. As it turns out, the buttons that are used frequently in that row are the first two or three on the driver side. Hyundai must have spent some time planning this order when they designed the layout. The row looks like it would be awful to use, but I have never found it to be a problem after the first week or so of ownership (would be tough as an unfamiliar rental). Most of those buttons duplicate functions that I find more convenient to access from the steering wheel or voice controls.

    I'm glad you mentioned aesthetic issues in your comment about the tablet-on-the-dash. My brother just bought a Mazda3 (great car) and that tablet design couldn't be uglier or look more like an afterthought. If it becomes commonplace, I suppose it won't stand out as much.
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