Nissan Titan vs. Tundra, F-150, Ram 1500,Silverado/Sierra 1500

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Sooner or later folks will be arguing as to which is best, and why. So, bring it on...



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    So just where does Nissan plan on building these truck at?
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    somewhere in Mississippi.

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    My vote goes.. in this order

    Ford F-150
    GMC Sierra 1500
    Chevy Silverado 1500
    Toyota Tundra
    Nissan Titan
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    is first on my list...
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    obyone you fall off the surfboard??? or are you talking about the ford tonka concept?
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    Mississippi ??
    Is labor cheaper there than in Mexico?

    Not a Dodge Ram 1500 to be seen in your list.
    Was that a mistake or intentional?
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    with Ford. Try doing a google search on tonka trucks...first name to appear on the top of the list is Toyota Tundra.....wonder what that means?
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    << Mississippi ??
    Is labor cheaper there than in Mexico? >>

    I don't know why or how the decision was made. BTW, I "think" it's Mississippi, but I'm not certain. I do know it's in the USA, however.

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    at least thats what they have been telling us citizens.

    What was that cheap labor comment again? I take alot of pride in my state. :)
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    I'm not poking fun at Mississippi, I'm sure it is a nice state and I would love to visit there someday. I was just wondering....why Mississippi though?
    What is the draw for Nissan to build the Titan labor....low taxes???
    For some automobile manufacturers (GM, VW, etc.), it seems Mexico is the place to have some of their products built.
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    You crack me up as usual. It does not surprise me that the Tundra is rated as a 'Tonka'. LOL


    Sorry about that... it was not intentional.. so here is my revised list....

    Ford F-150 - Cos I have one (well Supercrew F-150)
    GMC Sierra 1500 - Nice new redesign for 2003.
    Chevy Silverado 1500 - I had one w/probs. Still a nice truck.
    Dodge Ram 1500 - Do not like the look, quality, etc. Although the new 'Hemi' looks interesting.
    Toyota Tundra - Test drove one a few times. As Obyone stated, its a Tonka truck. ;)
    Nissan Titan - Ranks last for me purely on looks. May be a good performer though.
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    I think i read somewhere nissan chose Miss. because of a tax break or something
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    Your right...Giant tax breaks.....NON- UNION
    labor...Same as Toyota building tundras and
    BMW building those suvs.....Not to mention a
    few of those states are Right To Work states
    so no Union interference (spl)...
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