Great Experience!

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I don't usually take the initiative to respond on forums but the info I received from this site was instrumental in assisting me in purchasing my new car. I think I got a great deal and I think the salesman should be lauded for his efforts.I purchased my 2016 MDX AWD (base model) in the San Francisco Bay Area for $42,339 + 4,215 for grand total of $46,554. The MSRP price is $45,785. I got 10 online quotes from almost all of the dealers in Northern California. Nine of the quotes were very non-imaginative and came in somewhere around $1000 to $1200 less than MSRP. Only 1 dealership seemed inspired to make a sale and quoted me the $42,339 figure which was $3446 below MSRP. When the other 9 dealers eventually got back to me they all implied that the low quote was just in attempt by the salesman to eliminate the competition and that he couldn't possibly come through on the offer. Well I am here to tell you that he did. The salesman's name is Graham Copps of Elk Grove Acura. He was totally a straight shooter, played no games and was extremely professional. I highly recommend him.
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