One way to smooth out the ride when your state has HORIBLE roads...Sorry VT, but it's so true!

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We have been in Vermont for 40+ years and enjoyed many Volvo's but we have watched the tire profile shrink from 65/60 al the way down to 40/35 and from 15" all the way up to 19" and beyond. I get it that a larger allow wheel and less rubber can be more eye appealing than the opposite. I get it that the car can corner with less body roll....but the overall ride when you are dealing with pothole, morals, ruts, cracks and every thing else our Vermont roads have to offer...I had to make a serious change in how my new '15 S80 T6 rides. The actual recommended winter tire size for this car (for safe winter traction) is 225-55/16, not the 245-40/18 that comes with the car. Folks up here who value their cars usually keep there snow tires on for 5 months or longer. All my previous Volvo's were equipped with a similar winter downsize and I figure if the car rides substantially better in the winter than let's do the same for the summer. My new S80 came with 18" inch wheels and the ride was extremely harsh!!!!! I am going with the 55 series tires (Cinturato P7 AS plus) and will enjoy a softer ride.
Anyone else agree?
Thanks, Bill


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    I agree that tires/wheels have generally gotten too big, but not for the reasons you state. 15" tires are a lot cheaper than 18 or 19 inch ones. :)
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