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Nissan Desert Frontier King Cab

dadsgirl1dadsgirl1 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Nissan
Can anyone tell me their opinion of the 2000
Nissan Desert Frontier King Cab?


  • katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
    yeah i hate it!.................sorry i'm a toyota guy
  • bmurtaghbmurtagh Member Posts: 4
    Overall, I love it. I had a problem in the beginning with a "Service Engine Soon" light. They had never seen this before so the factory directed the repair.It took them almost 2 weeks to figure out it was the "Transmission Control Module" that needed to be replaced. Now it is perfect and I love it. The engine is strong, the stylings are great (people always stare at it), it is fun to droive and has a great sound and aircon system. The little jump seats in the back are a bit cramped but it is great!
  • volfyvolfy Member Posts: 274
    I test drove the DR King Cab extensively before I decided on a 4cyl XE instead. Good value for you money as ABS and V6 are standard. Can get expensive if you start to load up with options on the SE, which BTW is one nice looking truck.

    I have only one minor gripe specific to the DR:

    1. 5sp shift action could be better. Both my wife and I had trouble with the 2-3 upshift, and we've been driving stick for a long time. Nissan is wise in trying to design the agrarian feel out of the 4x4 chassis and mechanicals. They are not quite there yet. Hopefully they will be by the time I replace my 4cyl XE Frontier.
  • spawnmanspawnman Member Posts: 19

    I have the 2000 SE Desert Runner.

    Just got back from vacation in Moab and took my DR offroad. It handled very well, not as good as my old 95 4x4 but still great!

    Truck is going into the shop today, seems like the drivers side tweater speaker is blown or something is loose. Talked to Nissan on the phone, appears there maybe a known problem with the speakers. Only problem in the first 4,000 miles.

    I love my truck, it looks great to me!!!

  • travis26travis26 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased my EX DR two days ago. I traded in my 98 4cyl XE (base) frontier for my DR. Best move I ever made. The set-up of the DR is great, from the look to the V6 engine, you cannot go wrong with this truck. If you want a 2 WD, V6 extended cab truck, this is the way to go. The weather has been pretty bad here lately so I put off the clean-up and detailing from the dealership until today. With that in mind I decided to see what this truck actually had to offer off-road. It meet every standard I set forth from pulling up steep muddy hills, ground clearence over fallen trees, and yes even pulling my buddy in his Toyota Tacoma 4x4 out of a mud hole (he isn't a expirenced off-roader, mike if you read this sorry bud but it's true!!). If you just keep in mind that you are driving a 2WD vechicle you can go just about anywhere you want in this truck in comfort. In my view the DR is the best truck out there for the price. Also a lot needs to be said for Superior Nissan keeping there word. They weren't to happy about it but they still did the detail and clean-up they owed me!! This truck really cleans up nice!! TRAVIS
  • jimcomer1jimcomer1 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a Desert Runner SE with V-6, auto, and all the options about two months ago. I was surprised at the price, considering the options. The sunroof, power windows, and CD/cassette player were not to be found on the Toyota pickups I drove. The toyota six probably has more power, but rode rougher and did not feel as "stable". Both were better than the short-bed six cylinder Chevrolet I drove to compare. Mileage hasn't made it much above 20 on the road, but I'm planning on a bed cover and less a/c in the fall and winter to help.
    The sound system is no Bose, but it is good in the confines of the small interior. The subwoofer is not going to impress everyone-there is some "buzz" if you crank it up-but it is enjoyable. I drive mine 145 miles round trip to work 2-3 days a week, and have not developed any aches and pains-it's a pretty good highway cruiser, quiet and comfortable.
  • spawnmanspawnman Member Posts: 19

    Just curious, did you swap out the tires on your DR or did you keep the Generals that it came with. I'm trying to decide how good for offroad these tires are. I did notice that these are the same tires they are putting on the CC 4x4.

  • jimcomer1jimcomer1 Member Posts: 2
    I have the 16" General tires on mine. They are quiet on the paved roads and have good grip on dry and wet. I have not gotten into dirt and mud. My concern is winter. Snow and ice aren't a big problem in Oklahoma, but some winters we may have weeks of slippery roads. I'm considering the winter tires I see advertised from places like the "Tire Rack". I'm worried about the lack of traction on a pick-up! The DR does have anti-lock brakes and limited slip. Should help a little.
  • golddiggergolddigger Member Posts: 2
    Just picked up my new DR this afternoon. It's a great little truck. I did a lot of research for a extended cab compact pickup with a V6. The Nissan DR had the shortest turning radius. All the reviews I read said it was fun to drive,(and it is). The only negative point that I could find was the gas mileage, but if it lived up to the EPA estimate for city driving(16 mpg), I'll be happy.
  • spawnmanspawnman Member Posts: 19

    I've had my V6 DR for 4300 miles, my mileage is supprisingly good, Averaging around 20 in the city, 23 highway!

  • golddiggergolddigger Member Posts: 2

    That's very impressive. Did you do anything to improve the mileage, such as adding a shell or cap? Or using synthetic oils? I'm very interested in how you accomplished that kind of mileage. By the way, I'm a guy I don't know why I picked up the golddigger handle. Didn't realize it is a name for the female type. I'm going to change it.

  • spawnmanspawnman Member Posts: 19
    Larry -

    I do have a topper installed, barely comes up over the cab. Other than that nothing special added. Goes in for first oil chage today, so no synthetic's either.

  • couchpotatocouchpotato Member Posts: 5

    I also suspect you have stick shift, to get that kind of mileage. I opted for the automatic.

    I just ordered a shell by Innovation. Should get it in about 10 days. It's being painted to match the factory paint color. We'll see how good they match up.

    My new ID matches me perfectly now.

  • spawnmanspawnman Member Posts: 19

    Nope, it is the standard automatic. The truck is rated at 19 on the highway, so 23 would be pretty standard since those estimates are always low anyways.

    I also had my topper painted to match the truck, (Gonna post pics on my web site soon!) came out perfect match, Way to go Suburban Toppers in Denver!, sorry for the shamless plug!!

    Love the truck

  • couchpotatocouchpotato Member Posts: 5

    You must have a very light foot on the pedal. That's very good mileage. By my estimate, I got about 15 for my first tankful. The dealer gave me a full tank, but I don't know if he topped it.

    My old truck, an '89 GMC S15 with a 4.3L V6 never got over 15 in city driving. I did get over 20 one time, on a trip, using cruise control. I think that was in the days of the old 55 MPH speed limit :-).

    It's nice to be able to compare notes on how our DR's behaving. Will have to check out your web site one of these days!

  • bohicayacht40bohicayacht40 Member Posts: 1
    I purchase my DR on August 16, 1999. I have the 5 speed manual. Question - the engine seems to idle around 1800 untill engine warms up. Once engine is warmed up, the engine seems to idle around 1200 then slowly idle down to around 800. Also, I am only getting 16.5 mile per gallon but I use it for small trips only, usually less than ten miles. Other than that I love the torquey engine and this is my first new truck in twelve years. My other truck was a 1988 GMC Jimmy with the 2.8 v6, can you say turtle.
  • donell1donell1 Member Posts: 1
    I'm trying to decide if I'm going to buy a tacoma or the frontier. The tacoma is so much more expensive than the frontier, so is it worth it? I really like the look of the tacoma but I don't like the price. I haven't heard much about the frontier lately. Tell me some good points about it.
  • spawnmanspawnman Member Posts: 19

    For me it seemed that the Nissan came standard with more that are options on the Toyota.

    I do agree, I do like the look of the Toyota, just couldn't see spending that much more just for the name and the look. I think the Nissan really looks great though!

    In fact I didn't find out about the DR until I saw Toyota's PreRunner. Just compare side by side and you will the differences, and drive both

    I think the Nissans V6 is larger, but don't quote me on it.

    just my 2cents
  • sherrytjsherrytj Member Posts: 2
    I am considering purchasing a DR or the Tacoma Prerunner. After looking at this list I do have some concerns on the mpg on the 3.3LV6. I currently own a 1989 S-10 Extended Cab with a 4.3L V6 - Auto - 2Wd. Unlike the one post I get 20+ in the city and 25-26mpg on the road with the gate up and no topper. OK, I drive like your grandma in the city but the hwy miles should be comparable. I have concerns why this new 3.3L is getting so low mpg for a 2WD.
  • couchpotatocouchpotato Member Posts: 5

    I chose the Nissan Frontier Desert Runner over the Toyota mainly because of the price difference. From the research I have done, the Nissan trucks have as good a record as the Toyotas.

    Also, what made it more attractive to me was that the I got a much better deal (read discount) from the Nissan dealer, based on the invoice price.

    Considering standard equipment, Toyota charges extra for 4-wheel ABS. The Nissan has 16" wheels and running boards, vs the 15" wheels for the Toyota. The Desert Runner has a shorter wheelbase, hence a shorter turning radius. The Toyota's V6 is 3.4L, 190 hp and the Nissan's V6 is 3.3L, 170 hp.

    You really can't go wrong with either choice. Both are excellent vehicles. It's a matter of personal preferences and financial considerations. Do some research. Read up on them on the Edmunds Web Site. Good luck with whichever you chose!

  • normb3normb3 Member Posts: 7
    Do the "pipe running boards" come standard on the DR SE or are they an option? I'm in the market for one and no one seems to know for sure. NormB
  • couchpotatocouchpotato Member Posts: 5

    As far as I can tell, the pipe running boards come standard on the DR SE with the 16" wheels. They're not listed as such, but it seems logical, since it's a climb to get in.

    I'm guessing if you opt to go with 15" wheels, then there will be no running boards.

    You should check with the dealer, to be sure.
  • normb3normb3 Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for your answer. I feel like you do that it may come standard, but the dealer I'm working with doesn't seem to know. I plan to buy one of these beauties in the near future. The dealership I'm working with is looking for one with the Pwr package in colors Red or Silver. I'll keep you posted once I hear more. Cheers.
  • clveeclvee Member Posts: 1
    I priced the DR SE-V6 with all the factory options with two dealers 40 miles apart. The first was $22,200out the door and the second was $20500 OTD. Does anyone know what the going price is for this truck w/all factory options. The $1,700 difference scares me.
  • sherrytjsherrytj Member Posts: 2
    I have the glossy from the Nissan for the Frontier. According to it, the SE Desert Runner comes stock with the "tubular step rails". I did not find that in the Edmonds description.

    I was talking to a dealer this weekend regarding the DR. They were willing to deal on the Frontier. Coincidently a coworker was also in looking at the Xterra. Sticker price was the best he could get. I have seen a number of the Xterra's around where I live but few Frontiers. Supply and demand. It is possible the one high price dealer has been selling Xterra's at MSRP and is trying to do the same with the DR. Good luck.
  • couchpotatocouchpotato Member Posts: 5

    If you mean that all the factory options include the following:
    Automatic transmission
    Limited Slip Axle
    Power Package
    Sports Package
    Bed liner-under rail
    Floor mats

    Then, according to the prices listed in Edmunds, the Invoice comes to $19,801. Included in that total is $520 Destination cost in California. Depending on the sales tax and registration fees in your state, the $20,500 OTD is a very good price. Go for it.
  • dahladahla Member Posts: 1
    Just picked up my DR
    Looking forward to some snow to see how it respondes with the 16's it came with.Anyone care to add some input?
    Buff bound
  • tenpennytenpenny Member Posts: 1
    i recently bought a 2000 DR SE-V6 with everything on it except sunroof and subwoofer. I came to the harsh reality that I'm not comfortable with the payment anymore. If anyone would be intrested in the truck let me know if you would be intrested and just leave me an e-mail address at this townhall subject. Oh by the way it is bright yellow!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Member Posts: 259
    Tenpenny- E-mail me about your truck.
    Where are you?
  • jfmcgownjfmcgown Member Posts: 2
    Just bought a loaded SE DR. Great truck and fun to drive. Watch out for the General tires. I have one out of round and the dealer is replacing it.
  • policepolice Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed aftermarket driving lights in a 2000 Frontier XE? The vehicle is wired for lights but I'm not sure if the factory wiring can be used for non OEM fog/driving lights.
  • meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
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