Car stalling/no MAF Sensor

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Hey guys

My 95 grand prix started stuttering while going down the road, and progressively got worse until it started jerking and stalling. I figured id start with the basics and replace fuel filter. Car ran great for a day or two, then bam out of no where it stalled again. Was hard to restart and I was able to limp it home. Car sat in the drive way jerking and would barely move, smelled gassy.

I was figuring it was the MAF sensor. I took the intake apart and found nothing I thought was the sensor. I ran to the parts store and asked if they had one for a 1995 grand prix, he said yes and showed me it. That part is no where to be found in my car.... from the throttle body to the air box, no MAF sensor. It is a 3100 engine.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


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