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My low beams are different than most, won't turn off.

wobblywingswobblywings Member Posts: 2
edited March 2015 in Buick
when i parked my 2007 lacrosse my low beams would not turn off, tried everything, every button, and read the manual.finally after an hour had to disconnect the battery cable, next day, connected the cable, still on.car dealer wants me to bring in for a 125.00 car diagnostics, i am on social security and cannot afford this, has anyone had this problem, thanks, wanda

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    wobblywingswobblywings Member Posts: 2
    ok, my lowbeam headlights would not turn off, tried everything, talking to my son today, got lucky, he was standing talking to his company mechanic and he told him what my lights were doing, he said the HDM, it is on a recal list to appear. my son told him (which is true) that his momk (me) called the buick place and they told me, that no, this would not make my lights stay on, only stay off,,,,, mechanic said nope, it will make them stay off or on,either one.my son came and pulled it out and relaced it, price 37.22. it fixed my car... just letting everyone else know, could work either way with this HDM . thanks the cardoc3. for the reply.
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