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Beware of Gainesville Chevrolet repair shop.

emc10emc10 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Chevrolet
I was going to let this go, however, since they keep reminding me with calls and mail wanting me to let them service my vehicle...
I was involved in a no fault (on me) accident. A lady crunched the front of my truck. I let the tow truck tow my truck to Davis Chevrolet 2600 N main St Gainesville Florida. My thought was, "Big name should be capable and reputable", I was wrong.
After I dealt with the other parties insurance, I gave this shop the go ahead to fix my truck.
More than a month later Lou (the shop manager) calls me and says that my truck is ready, but it won't start. What? That doesn't sound ready. Lou says, well the battery doesn't show any sign of physical damage, it must just be bad. So, after I enlightened the should be knowledgeable shop manager of the physical properties and shock damage possibilities of a lead acid battery, Lou assured me that he would get with the insurance company and rectify it. This did not happen. I had to call the insurance company a few days later to get them to ok the battery replacement.
So, they get the battery in and call to say my truck is ready. I go to pick it up, and first thing, I notice my front license plate and frame is missing. When I inquire, they send someone to the "junk pile", and they return with the frame and plate. How sloppy is that? I took the time and money to put that plate in place, and this shop regards it as trash. Then I notice that two pieces of molding are missing from the roof. I know that they had to remove the one on the passenger side to facilitate the repair, but the other side is missing as well. When I questioned the manager Lou about it, he claimed that they must have been stolen from the truck while it was on the back lot! I later found both trim pieces, broken, behind the seat of the truck. (Not only are they dishonest, but they can't cover their dishonesty).
They replace the trim pieces, after weeks of... "They are ordered… we have to paint them". The hood release cable was routed wrong. The hood was out of align. The headlights were shining in the trees. They have a stack of shims on the hood hinges. The front shock was off its mount. None of the paint matches at all. They have put brand new paint right next to old paint with no blending. They completely refuse to do anything about this. They say that it was not in the insurance estimate. After checking the estimate, they were right. So, I had to go to the insurance with the pictures of the shoddy paint job, to get them to ok the necessary blending.
Now, I'm not an auto body guy. But, I know you can't put new paint right next to old paint without blending. This shop should have realized this in the insurance estimate… hey, we're going to be placing freshly painted parts next to originally painted parts, we need some allowance for blending. This shop and the adjuster should have known this.
From the beginning this shop assured me that they would handle everything with the insurance company to repair my truck. In the end, I had to fight with this shop and deal with the insurance company myself every step of the way.
Also, there were many unkept promises of I’ll call you, it will be ready, so on and so forth ie… I was told to come by on a Wednesday for them to replace the moldings, said it wouldn’t take over thirty minutes, I gave them two days extra, then called, and the parts weren’t ready. No call, no forewarning. Had I gone as they said, it would have been more wasted time on my part. That’s only one example of their unprofessional lack of caring. There were many more.
This shop is completely inept. I would not trust them to change my oil, let alone anything more.
These are the parties involved:
• Gainesville Chevrolet 2600 N Main Gainesville Florida
• Danny Mullener
Collision Manager Gainesville Chevy Cadillac Mazda
2600 N Main st, Gainesville, Fl
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• Kandice Tate
Inside Auto Claims Representative
Southeast Region Claims
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Edward McMahan
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