Mildew Odor causing more than just HEADACHES!!!!!!!!

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Anyone else allergic to their car? I have a strong mildew odor that is coming from my vents at all times. I have a brand new 2002 Ford Escape with less than 7000 miles. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem with any other makes and models?

Ford is just not a reliable company anymore and their lack of respect and appreciation for their customers really shows. I think I'll buy Foreign cars from now on. Which will be in a month or so! Any suggestions??


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    if this helps, but blasting the heat through the vents can kill a lot of odors. There are products sold that are used to rid a/c units of odors. Old age prevents me from remembering. It's a problem that pops up in the spring quite often. Bring it to Ford and let them find out if you haven't already done so.
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    I have already done and that and we are in litigation with Ford. Ford won't even make us an offer for a refund, even though we have a proof from my allergist and asthma doctor that states that this car is endangering my health. Ford just doesn't care about their customers anymore. I mean look at their stocks! I use to only buy Ford products, but not anymore... I'm sticking to GM who has offered me a rental vehicle until our settlement comes through. Thanks for you thoughts and suggestions! God Bless!
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    The evaporator on your A/c has a line that lets the water dribble out onto the ground. If you can locate this hose ream it out with a metal rod.

    You should have a little puddle under the car when it's parked after the a/c has run.

    If you or your dealer can't fix this find an independent mechanic who can. It's an easy job (at least it was on my '85 Prelude.

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    I had a 1999 Taurus that after 3 months it started having a moldy, wet dog smell coming out of the A/C vents. The dealer said that mold, mildew, and bacteria grew under the heating core box and infected the system. They said they weren't sure how it happened, but it was a problem among the Taurus's and Expedition's, and some other models. They also tried telling me that it was because I didn't use my A/C on high! That's not what caused it. Every car in Texas would have that problem then. After several attempts to fix it, including the dealer spraying it with a chemical, them opening all the parts they could to air it out for 3 days, spraying it again, installing a fan under the heating core, spraying it again, & replacing all the A/C parts, and it kept on coming back, I threatened them with the Lemon Law, and all of a sudden the dealer said they couldn't take the car back, but that Ford Motor Company could. They filled out an RVA form, and within 2 days, they said Ford would take it back. This repairs went on for a year and a half, and they finally took it back in October of 2000. My kids have allergies and the smell aggravated them. The odor got into the carpet, and on damp days, it really stunk, without having to use the A/C. If they take your car back, you will be charged for the mileage used, and you will not be eligible for any rebates on the new car, but you can get any special financing they are offering. They will give you the MSRP for the car, no matter what you paid, and deducted for the mileage used, and that will be your new loan amount, plus any difference in the MSRP of the car they are taking back and the new one you get. Oh, and then they will send it up to Michigan and sell it where it is cold and they don't use the A/C much. I kept the 2001 until Last Sept. and then got rid of it. It had no odor, but I just hated dealing with Ford anymore. Good luck.
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    but carfax may be able to flag the vehicle as a repurchase. just another reason to check out the used cars you are drooling over.
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    Ford Jerked me around for a while, until I used Lemon Law for my benefit. When I asked Ford for a mirror image of the XLT Escape I have, they tried to, but I refused to pay the difference of the MSRP, pay tax and tags all over again and registration. After all, it's not my fault Ford has problems with their vehicles. I also refused to pay for mileage on the vehicle. Then I asked for a refund and they refused. The Rep I worked with was no help, and just tried to give me the run around. When I working with him and he was making me offer after offer, I just kept telling him to put it in writing. He refused and told me to trust him. YEAH RIGHT!! He eventually did, but only after insulting me. Needless to say, it cost him his job!

    Also, Ford took apart my car and found out that there was condensation in my AC. They desanitized my car and the smell was back within a week. They said this was a design flaw and Ford was working on it. The hole that the water drains out of is too small and is causing water to back up in the AC. They said they are having this problem on all of the 2000 and 2001 Escapes. Only I was the lucky one that has the smell. Please note, that I bought this vehicle on August 31, 2002, and noticed problems 2 weeks later and filed for lemon law on October 5, 2002. It is now February 2, 2003 and I am still driving the vehicle. I'll be seeing Ford in court! At least I have my Doctor that is fighting my health.

    I will give someone who is reading this a glimpse into my world. I am currently using a free Lemon law firm. Only to find that my calls are unanswered or not returned and now I am doing their leg work. My best suggestions to someone in this position is to try and get around the District Rep and look for a regional rep or the coastal reps. Also, get everything in writing and keep all maintence records. Thank you for all of your suggestions and support. God Bless and BUY FOREIGN CARS!!!
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    For as long as they've been putting a/c into American cars (since 1941)you'd think they could get a simple thing like a big enough drain right!

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    you know, a door that opens so you can nail the devil with a spray nozzle and blow out the leaves, cottonwood fuzz, bugs, and slop that catch in the evaporator coil because there is no serviceable filter ahead of it.

    all that crud holds dirt and moisture, drops off and plugs the drain, driving us all bats, etc.
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    That'd be a short drive for some of us, Scott. LOL
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