Wireless sensor system for monitoring car health and performance

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Hey guys,

Having an old Ford Fairlane '67 as my daily driver for the past two years has given me a lot of trouble that I would not experience in a modern car (love too for that matter :))

In order to minimize these these not-so-fun breakdowns I want to make a smart wireless sensor system for older cars. The goal is to enable older vehicles to be able to provide the same amount of data as a modern car such as a Tesla.

It will have features such as:
- Theft aid (tracking in a similar sense as ‘Find my iphone’)
- Oil-condition sensors (tracks PPM in engine, transmission, differential)
- An array of temperature/pressure sensors in coolant, transmission, engine-oil,
- Average fuel consumption
- Battery health status
- Air-to-fuel ratio
- Tire Pressure

The system will be made up of a Central Gateway Unit connected to the vehicles power grid.
The rest of the system will be entirely wireless. (powered by thermoelectric and/or motion harvesting)
The information will be provided to a smart phone/tablet/computer or an on-board screen.

All of this information can be remotely accessed when your not near your vehicle.

What kind of additional features would you like to see in a system like this?

Any questions or comments are valuable!


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