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I need help!! Power Issues!! - '97 Jimmy

marcthesharkmarctheshark Member Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in GMC
My 97 GMC Jimmy 4x4 will crank but will not turn over. After my initial attempts at starting it (3 or 4 attempts), my battery dies completely. I replaced my starter, it bench tested bad. Alternator bench tested good. Brand new battery (3rd new battery already). There are 3 separate ground cables that run to the block, chassis and alternator. I have checked and cleaned all connections. Still no luck. I feel something drawing out the power. I tried the few methods I know. Like using a voltage meter on the cable terminal and battery and removing fuses one by one to find the short, if there is one. My meter reads that there is power when there shouldn't be, but after removing all fuses the meter still gives me a read. i have no clue what to do anymore and 2 mechanics have already told me they don't know whats wrong. Any help would be much appreciated. I use this vehicle for school and work. I am at my wits end!
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