Fuel pump stalls in warm weather after driving for 10 minutes

tc228tc228 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Ford
After driving down the road for 5-10 minutes the car will start to act like it is no longer getting gas and will sputter to a stop. After pulling over the engine still turns over and it will sometimes halfway start but it rumbles at very low rpm as if there is not enough gas getting to the plugs and then shuts off. After letting it sit for an hour or so it will start back up but do same thing a few miles down the road. As I said it has only happened when warm weather. It starts up and runs fine when it is cool outside. I have had the fuel filter and fuel pump replaced and the problem is still there. I have checked the inertia switch and its wiring and there is no problem there. Could anyone help me figure out what may be going wrong? Could it be ignition coil? ECU? I am stumped. These 2005 explorers are worse than owning a boat.
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