Honda Accord reliability report

zoom08zoom08 NYCMember Posts: 75
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I own a 2013 LX sedan 4 door.
So far no issue so to report. Car has managed to do about 23.5 MPG on city driving.
I live in Queens (nyc) and I commute to Manhattan putting about 250 miles a week just to go to work.
I have the base model, so no electrical gremlins thus far. As for quality, there are more rattles than i like to hear but I guess I have to live with it. So far just an oil change once oil goes down to about 20 or 30% according to CPU display. My only complaint is tires, not sure if they are going to make it to 40k, continental eco tires that are factory equipment, are not best quality. Maybe getting tires before 40K miles.
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