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Learnings From an Arizona Road Trip - 2015 Lexus RC F Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
edited March 2015 in Lexus
imageLearnings From an Arizona Road Trip - 2015 Lexus RC F Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.com editor James Riswick takes the 2015 Lexus RC F on a road trip to Arizona and comments about the car's comfort, driving dynamics, technology and fuel economy.

Read the full story here


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    jeepsrtjeepsrt Member Posts: 88
    Nice informative post.
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    ebeaudoinebeaudoin Member Posts: 509
    Disappointing about the ride. Are the wheels or the suspension more to blame? Looks like the basic RC has 18' wheels. Maybe that would be better than the 19" on the RC F?
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    fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    The DTE and fuel gauge issues are classic Toyota. My wife's Sienna Limited had her running out of fuel with almost 5 gallons left.
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    markinnaples_markinnaples_ Member Posts: 251
    Still pretty ugly.
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    sharp_caisharp_cai Member Posts: 11
    it's a nice car,but it could be better.
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    prndlolprndlol Member Posts: 140
    I wonder if Maggie grew tired of the suspension jostling her around and gave James dirty looks.
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    s197gts197gt Member Posts: 486
    edited March 2015
    even after all the technological advancements in suspension design and components it doesn't seem like there are many cars that have the just right dampening and handling of an e46/e90/e39 bmw. even with adjustable suspensions you don't get the glowing reviews that you did with those cars.

    from edmund's own e90 review: "Still the standard when it comes to perfectly sorted vehicle dynamics..."

    what new vehicle today can you say that about? maybe a cayman/boxster? no daily drivers...

    thankfully our e90 has been very reliable and just got a fresh set of bilstein dampers. never wished we had the sport suspension although the sport seats would probably be nice; but even then the base seats are fine and fairly comfortable. just a perfect blend of highway smoothness and around town sportiness. (could use stickier summer tires, though.)
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    grijongrijon Member Posts: 147
    Excellent post, James; thank you.
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    bonzjrbonzjr Member Posts: 44
    All DTE meters -- all of them -- are conservative. My '15 Mazda 3 goes to 0 on the DTE with 7 L left (1.85 gallons). I know because I've measured it a few times. That's at least 60 miles more range based on the economy I typically get. It sounds like Toyota/Lexus is even more conservative. As an auto tester you should be used to these things. ;)

    Excellent post/review, however.

    I'm still stunned at how incredibly heavy this thing is. Toyota's bizzare mix of three different platforms (current GS front, old IS-C mid section, new IS rear) to create it certainly does it no favors. For a company that earns income well in excess of $10B a year -- even a company that prides itself in rigorous cost cutting and expense management -- you'd think just a little extra money spent on a more thoughtful approach to a 4-Series competitor would have been acceptable.

    One more RC nitpick: the car does have a beautiful interior and based on your review seems like a great place to spend a day travelling long-distance but those low-rent 1990s/2000s infotainment graphics are just awful. It sounds like the interface is even worse. At least that's an easier fix than trying to find a way to lose about 400 lbs.
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    kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    In terms of the map system, we clearly need an Android-based system (that's fully compatible with iPhones) that automotive companies can easily integrate that has all of the advantages of Android and allows Google Maps to be used. Google Maps has its own annoyances, but is pretty darn good overall. Hopefully that's what we'll start seeing in the future.
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    desmoliciousdesmolicious Member Posts: 671
    Nice write up Riswick.
    Bummer this car fails on its intent to be an M rival.
    Ugly, over weight, poor ride, poor handling (relatively speaking).

    The IS-F seemed to have gotten close in it's final iteration. With the RF, it looks like Lexus started over again, forgetting any lessons learned.
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