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Radio Replaced - 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
edited March 2015 in Jeep
imageRadio Replaced - 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited Long-Term Road Test

After nearly two weeks, the radio in our 2014 Jeep Cherokee was replaced and the Bluetooth failure remedied.

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    kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    GM's extended warranty is rife with similar cases for it classifies a number of repairs requiring field tech approval. Problem is the field tech follows its own schedule, never informing the dealer when it will arrive to approve a repair. Result is bringing and leaving vehicle to dealer over and over again until the tech shows up, approves the repair, allowing the dealer to perform the repair. Very aggravating and a key reason why I'm no longer a GM customer.
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    prndlolprndlol Member Posts: 140
    What should've happened is: "Star" steps in and notes more should 've been done during initial diagnosis. Star contacts dealer, and follows up with dealer to confirm customer has been contacted for a second appointment, after all it is they who stopped the warranty process. Instead, same old BS domestic dealer experience.
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    agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893
    " I don't know if the blame rests with the dealer and our advisor or with another arm of the company,..." and you likely never will, because they'll just blame each other.
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    barich1barich1 Member Posts: 143
    The correct way to deal with this is to ship the part anyway, then contact the dealer, tell them what to do for future occurrences like this, and have them perform the outlined diagnostics when the vehicle is brought in for the radio replacement. If it's not needed, great! Send it back or keep it on hand for when it's needed in the future. If it is, the customer is not inconvenienced.
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    notfastnotfast Member Posts: 93
    I had a GM Protection Plan which required adjuster approval, but I was never left hanging. Maybe because I had my work done at a high volume dealership in the Chicago area?
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    sviseksvisek Member Posts: 35
    edited April 2015
    The Cherokee radio is my only real annoyance with our Cherokee. I am not a music person and prefer the radio to be off. Every time I start the Cherokee the radio comes on automatically. There is no "Off" button. Thus every time I start the car I have to either hit the "Mute" button or select "Media" on the screen menu(see pic above) as that's the only choice that silences the radio. I checked the manual but could not find any mention of how to turn the radio off. Can you at Edmunds or any of you who actually have Cherokees tell me how to turn off the radio and have it stay off? Thanks.
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