Ford PCM computer stays on.

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Hi all, I have a 1985 Ford LTD, midsize, with the 3.8L and EEC-IV. The problem is the PCM computer stays on and powers various relays and solenoids in the engine compartment when the key is off. I can hear them clicking on and off. This is wearing down my battery. I have installed a batt. switch under the hood to disconnect the power when the car is parked, but I want to fix the problem right. The car is in great shape and worth keeping. I have replaced the ignition switch on the advice of others and this was not the problem. Any other suggestions? Thanks


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    that's where the failure to turn off is coming from. there were a lot of switch issues in the late 80s on fords, many of which showed up in melted switches, or worse in a few cases. thanks to a recall, the replacement switch is redesigned, and hopefully should fix your issues.
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    Since you have allredy replaced the ignition switch I think you might have a stuck eec power relay.
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    I was thinking it might have something to do with that relay. The relay is warm to the touch when the power is on and that didn't seem right to me. The trick now is to find an OEM replacement for that relay. Tough luck on a 18 yr old car!
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    get thee to a junkyard and get the whole connection box full of 'em, then you'll have spares.
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