Transmission slippage

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I recently purchased a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and am having transmission slipping issues.They are nothing like the others I have seen discussed here.My problem is when the engine and transmission are cold at first start up the transmission slips when I make left hand turns.Doesn't do it under any other circumstances and goes away after reaching normal operating temps.Somebody please help.I already checked the fluid level and it's where it needs to be.Thinking about changing the filter and fluid but thought I would check here first.


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    Boy, does this have "cannot duplicate problem" written all over it. I suspect you're on the right track. If you don't have 10,000 monkeys in the service department you might want to check there. If there are are 10,000 monkeys there and they have typewriters you at least get a new Shakespeare play out of it
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    I'm wondering if the left hand turn direction information could be misleading and maybe a little circumstantial. If that is taken out of the picture then you are left with a transmission that is simply showing its age and likely due for a repair. There may be correlation if the fluid being drawn though the filter is restricted in some way, but that really indicates that you need a repair anyway because anything restricting the filter is material that has been worn from the clutches and other components inside the transmission.
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