Engine is missing - '03 Expedition

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When I bought this beast March 3rd, I knew it had spark plug (or something) issue. Figured it was small. I did take it to my guy, Pat. There was no Check Engine light on the dash, so he diagnosed it one cylinder at a time and found the coil was bad on the passenger side - furthest one back, of course ! But yesterday I took it thru the car wash and the engine really got worse. I filled the gas tank to the top and have added Sea Foam additive. I hope that works, but now the Service Engine Soon light is on. What's with these Triton engine with the spark plugs on the top !?!?


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    Have the coils ever been changed? Actually the biggest offender is the rubber boots - they degrade and allow the spark to jump to the head causing a misfire. The boots are $3 each at an auto parts store. Coils can be had anywhere from $10 on ebay to $90 at the dealer.
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    The coil has been changed by my guy. The passenger side - furthest back. Get this! I was on less than 1/4th tank of gas. I went to Costco and filled it to the brim. Then to NAPA to get some HEET to pour in the tank. They suggested I put in a product called Sea Foam - which I did. The Expy runs like a dream !!!

    The next 2 items are 1. How to get dashboard off around the radio? Because the front air actuator clicks at first but then quiets down. My repair guy says it's located behind the radio. And 2. how to best resolve the lack of re-coil on drivers seat belt? How to get into trim molding between the doors?

    I agree, the boots must be letting in water from the car wash. You guys are great with helping out! THANKS !
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    I'm glad I found this website. You are great with helping me out. Now all I need is a few good weather days to do what needs to be fixed!
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    If you really want to clean out the engine, look for the directions for putting Sea Foam into the brake booster and letting it soak the valves and remove all the carbon. You will get a smoke show when you start it which is all the carbon being burned off. Search you tube or similar for Sea Foam engine cleaning.
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    BTW the blend door axle is usually the suspect in the front, the actuators are the suspects in the back. The dealership fix is to remove the entire dash. It is not really behind the radio however, it is behind the glove box. If you look up Heater Treater they sell a metal blend door to repair it and have directions on their site to go through the back of the glove box. Cheaper and much easier fix.
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    I decided the clicking up front is the CD player booting up, or something, because when the clicking stops then the radio dial says "CD error".
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